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Begin Your Healthy Lifestyle Once You Move to Salt Lake City

Did you know Salt Lake City has been named one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” for the past three years? Between the available entertainment, such as the Utah Jazz, and the abundant job market, there are definite advantages to moving to Salt Lake City. However, it’s the healthy lifestyle trend that makes living in Salt Lake City really great.

Whether you are moving to Salt Lake City for a new job or just want to be closer to the ski slopes and beautiful mountains, All My Sons Moving & Storage Salt Lake City movers have 3 ways you can easily begin living a healthy lifestyle.

             1. Outdoor Activities

-          Skiing and Snowboarding- Once you move to Salt Lake City, you are going to be surrounded by some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the world. Once you’ve unpacked in your new Salt Lake City home, make the 32-mile drive to Park City Mountain Resort or The Canyons to enjoy several different trails ranging from beginner to advanced slopes.

-          Utah’s National Parks- You don’t have to be an avid skier or snowboarder to enjoy the great outdoors once you move to Salt Lake City. Utah is home to over five national parks; including: Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef. Within these preserved areas, you’ll be able to hike, bike, kayak, observe nature, and get in-tune with your wild side, whether it’s with a group tour or on your own.

-          City Bicycle Tours- After moving to Salt Lake City, get to know your new town by getting out of your car and jumping on a bike for a city tour. During the 3-hour tour, you will learn the history of Salt Lake City and visit significant landmarks, all while stretching your legs and getting exercise!

2. Healthy Eating Options

-          Sage’s Café- Named the best vegetarian restaurant in Salt Lake City by The City Weekly, is the perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner if you are looking for something delicious, yet healthy to eat after moving to Salt Lake City.

-          Jason’s Deli- This is a great option for someone looking for something quick and healthy before a hike or bike ride. The menu offers low-calorie items such as sandwiches and salads that are packed with farm-fresh ingredients.

-          Forage- With a perfect balance of elegance and good health, this is a great place to dine if you have something special to celebrate like a birthday or anniversary. Salt Lake City movers suggests trying the pan-roasted halibut - it’s delicious!

3. Healthy Living Meetups

-          Meetup.com- This site is useful for anyone seeking to build new relationships with people who have common interests in a specific town. If you have recently moved to Salt Lake City and want to meet people interested in a healthy lifestyle, check out Meetup.com’s “Healthy Living Meetups in Salt Lake City.”