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4 Tips for Selecting a Moving Company

You may have heard the horror stories about unethical moving companies that will hold a person’s belongings ransom until a higher-than-contracted price is paid.  As a result, you know that you need the services of a reputable moving company but may be afraid to make a mistake when choosing one and end up paying the price.  While your concerns are definitely legitimate, you can rest at ease knowing that there are quality, professional Salt Lake City movers out there that can move your belongings safely and efficiently.  You just need to know how to find them. 

1- Talk to Family and Friends

There is nothing quite as reassuring as the recommendation of someone you trust.  Talk to family members and friends that have moved recently to find out what companies they used and what kinds of experiences they had.  If other people had good experiences with a company, you are more likely to have one as well.

2- Research Companies

It is essential that you learn how to recognize the red flags that warn of trouble ahead.  There are numerous moving scams out there that you need to be acquainted with so that you can avoid them.  Spend time researching Salt Lake City movers on the internet and check with your local Better Business Bureau.  Warning signs to look for are generic trucks that are not labeled with the company name, a moving company that does not have a correct physical address, or movers that refuse to come to your home to give you an in-home bid.  If you see any of these warning signs, take your business elsewhere. 

3- Get Estimates

It is also helpful to contact at least three companies to get bids.  This will give you a range of prices to look through and consider.  Make sure, however, that you are comparing estimates for the same services.  The last thing you want to do is choose a lower priced bid only to realize that it did not include all of the services you were expecting.  In addition, make sure that the moving company is completely aware of everything that you want to have moved.  There may be extra costs for items such as pianos or pool tables so avoid unpleasant surprises by making your expectations clear.

4- Read the Contract Thoroughly

Once you have selected a moving company to hire, make sure that you read through the contract completely and understand it before signing.  If you have any concerns or questions get clarification.  Items that should be included in the contract include the name and address of the moving company, types of payment that will be accepted, arrival dates and times, and minimum and maximum charges.  Furthermore, be absolutely certain that the contract includes an explanation of the moving company’s liability for your belongings and claims protection.  Trust your instincts if anything doesn’t look right and don’t be afraid to walk away if you have any concerns that the company cannot successfully resolve. 

Follow these four simple steps and avoid falling into the hands of an unethical moving company.   Don’t let concern keep you, however, from enjoying the many benefits that Salt Lake City movers can provide.  With a quality, professional company at your side your move can be significantly more affordable, quick, and efficient.