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Your Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

After searching for what seems like an eternity, you have finally found your dream apartment in Richmond. It is the perfect location, within budget, and has your preferred amenities. You are ready to put down your security deposit and sign on the dotted line. But make sure the unit is as great as it seems before you commit. Follow this apartment walkthrough checklist from our Richmond long-distance movers to ensure the unit’s condition is up to par.


Initial Walkthrough

When you first see an apartment, note any obvious issues and ask the landlord about the repair process. This will give you an idea of how your landlord manages apartment repairs and maintenance. Include these repairs in your lease and ask that they be fixed prior to moving in. Your apartment walkthrough checklist should also include multiple visits to the apartment. You need to see the lighting and noise level at different hours of the day.


Safety Check

Safety considerations should be at the top of your apartment walkthrough checklist. Begin by testing the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the bedroom, kitchen, and at the front door. Jot down where fire extinguishers are placed and see if there is a fire escape plan. Check the apartment for exposed or frayed wiring.



Be sure to check the kitchen appliances. Turn on the dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, refrigerator, oven, and stovetops to make sure they are in working order. When checking the refrigerator, notice if there are musty smells and pull out the drawers to check for damage. Also, double-check the temperatures in the fridge and the freezer. Make a note of scrapes, scruffs, cracks, and cuts on the floors and countertops.



Our Charles City movers recommend checking the bathroom plumbing. Turn the faucets on and off to see if they work properly. Complete a routine check of the drains and exhaust fan. Then, check the shower’s water pressure to make sure it reaches hot temperatures. Your apartment walkthrough checklist should also include an examination of the area under toilets and sinks for damp surfaces, dripping, or other signs of leakage.


Doors and Windows

Inspect the doors and windows before signing the lease. Run your hands over all the windows and doors to check for leaks and drafts. Make sure they close properly and try out the locks and doorknobs to confirm their security. If each door has different locks, ask the landlord or property manager for keys to each door.


Our Virginia Movers Have Your Back

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