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Top 5 Tips on Moving Out Safely

Moving can be stressful, overwhelming, and even exciting. It can also be dangerous if not done properly. Whether you are looking for Richmond local movers or you need Richmond long-distance movers, you want to keep the people you care about safe in the moving process. In order to avoid moving injuries and common moving mistakes, check out the top five tips on moving out safely by All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond.


1.  Avoid Heavy Boxes

Be conscious of the weight of what you are carrying. Pack the heaviest items in smaller boxes to avoid creating boxes that are too heavy. Keeping your boxes lighter will help you to avoid moving injuries like straining your back or pulling a muscle during your move to Richmond or far beyond.  Get over the idea that you can do it all by yourself. Whether it is hiring professional Richmond movers or bribing your friends, ask for help with the heaviest items, such as hefty furniture.

2. Use Proper Packing Equipment

Using professional packing equipment will not only help ensure that your valuables are transported unharmed but can also help make the moving process safer for you. If possible, use a dolly or cart to transport furniture or the heaviest boxes. Using the proper packing equipment to wrap your belongings can also help you to avoid moving injuries caused by sharp objects that were packed incorrectly or not at all. You can purchase packing equipment from our Richmond movers.

3. Stack Boxes Carefully

A common moving mistake is to stack boxes carelessly. While this technique can be effective and a space saver, it can also be dangerous. Make sure the boxes are stacked with the heaviest at the bottom. You want the lightest boxes at the top in case one falls. Check to see that the boxes are stable and do not stack them too high.

4. Create A Clear Path

It is important to have a clear path from the door to the various rooms in your home. Keep as many boxes and furniture items as possible up against the walls until it comes time to take them to the truck. This idea is especially true of any stray items that are not yet packed. An object poking into the walkway is an easy way to trip or cut yourself. If you have children or pets present, the importance of this technique only increases. Bonus tip: We recommend sending your kids and pets off to a family friend or keeping them busy in a safe environment.


5. Hire Profession Movers

The easiest way to make sure you are moving out safely and to avoid common moving mistakes is to hire professional Richmond movers to do the heavy lifting for you, literally. So many dangers can be avoided if you just hire professionals. All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond local movers can load the truck so that you do not need to stress about all of the potential hazards lurking around every corner. Our Richmond long-distance movers can also pack for you with our professional equipment to cut back on any dangers.