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The Most Common Moving Mistakes Families Make

Family Moving Guide

Moving is complicated, and we would know, because we do it every day! All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond has been in the business of moving families for over 20, years and if there’s one thing we can say is a certainty, it’s that moving is complicated and its easy to forget something or make a moving mistake.

Don’t fret! You can make your move to Richmond a little less complicated and a little more successful with this list of the most common moving mistakes families make (and how to avoid them).

1 – Starting Late

One of the most common moving mistakes families make is waiting too long to start your move. Moving is all about timing and unfortunately, there’s no way to get time back once its passed. So, start early, start VERY early if you can. As soon as you know your family will be moving, call your local Richmond moving company and get a free moving quote.

2 – Moving Junk

If you thought moving was tough, moving with kids and pets and an entire family can be very tough. But you can make moving easy by simply throwing out the junk. Families tend to collect lots of stuff as the years pass; old clothes, school projects, textbooks. Those can all go to a new home at Goodwill Virginia.

Keep your memories, but ditch the stuff that doesn’t matter, save time, money, avoid moving mistakes and make your move a lot easier!

3 – Ask the Moving Company for Insurance

Whether you’re using Virginia long distance movers or a local mom and pop moving company, ask for movers insurance. Any covered moving company shouldn’t have any objection providing you with the relevant details.

You can even ask us. All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond details here:

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Call us directly and we will happily give you all the necessary details!

4 – Pack Your Night Bag

So, you get to your new home, it’s been a hectic day, but you’re finally in your new home and now, oh wait; where’s my phone charger? Where’s the everyone’s toothbrush? Where’s our shampoo?

It is such an easy moving mistake to make and it happens to the best of us. Be sure to pack an overnight bag filled with all your family essentials for the first few nights at your new home!

5 – Use Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are important, and at the end of the day and even though its tempting to use second supplies and trash bags to save money, it’s almost never worth it. This is one of the common moving mistakes that is easy to avoid. Always buy professional or new packing supplies where you can.

Boxes, bubble wrap and moving quilts are totally worth the price to avoid damaging your belongings and furniture.

If you’re still unsure of your moving needs, or have any other questions, call All My Sons Moving & Storage in Richmond, VA and we will gladly help!