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Should You Get Moving Insurance?

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Is moving insurance worth it? That’s a common question and something that our moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage is asked frequently.

Deciding to get moving insurance relies heavily on the context of the situation. Even the best moving companies experience mishaps, though the better ones do everything they can do avoid any issues. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond, we do everything we can to ensure that your belongings arrive in the exact same condition they were in when we moved them.

So, what can you do? You have choices:

Moving Company’s Liability

All reputable Richmond moving companies will, or should, have moving insurance. We highly, highly recommend that you call every moving company you choose and ask for insurance information BEFORE the move.

Moving companies do share in the liability of the good, belongings, and furniture involved in the move. But all liability is different. Sometime a moving company with only be partially liable for some of the goods moved, which is standard. Then the moving company gets to use its discretion to decide what to repair or replace. Anything damaged in the move will have to be reviewed.

Most moving companies offer “Released Value Protection” at no additional cost. This will cover a portion of damages, but not a full value.

Paying for Moving Insurance from the Movers

Sometimes, you can purchase moving insurance from moving companies directly. Of course, this means paying before the move, and then being covered during the move.

Be sure you are working with a reputable, trusted local moving company before you purchase any moving insurance policies. Ask them how much they will be liable for in the event of a mishap or issue.

This additional moving insurance is called “Full Value Protection” and it covers more than the released value protection that is included in most moves.

Third Party Moving Insurance

You can go directly to an insurance company that offers insurance for moving. This will significantly increase the amount of time and effort you must add to your moving experience. Now you will be dealing with an additional company! The third-party insurance company will need a full list of details from you, including an estimated value for all your belongings.


General FAQ

- Long distance moving will be more expensive to insure than a local move, so remember to factor that into your price.

- Moving insurance is one of those things that you don’t think about until you need it. Think about your budget and purchase a policy if you feel It’s necessary.

- Watch out for moving companies that offer bogus or bad moving insurance. An insurance policy should give you a reasonable amount of coverage.

- Ask lots of questions!

Do you have move questions about moving insurance? Call All My Sons Moving & Storage Richmond and we can help you make the best decision for you.