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Packing Supplies: Buy or DIY?

Getting ready for your move to Richmond and thinking about what supplies you need? There are a few things you may have lying around the house that you can use for the move, whether you realize it or not! Ultimately, the choice as to whether you should purchase new supplies or not is yours, but we hope to help you out here!

Boxes. This one might be a bit obvious, but, perhaps instead of going out to buy a bunch of new boxes, you could use tote bins, large plastic containers, trunks, empty filing cabinets, empty side-tables with drawers, your dresser, or any other storage spaces you may have that you can use (at least temporarily) as a spot to place other items for your move! Now, if you must get a few extra boxes, head to your local supermarket or liquor store, and not for food or a drink—but for boxes they may be throwing away.

Waterproofing. You may want to keep clothes, wooden objects, and paper objects dry, among other items you don’t want to get wet. Instead of having to go out and buy a bunch of waterproofing material or pads, professional packers in Richmond recommend using large trash bags, plastic wrap, and even aluminum/tin foil! Maybe not the most glamorous fashion, but these things could be readily found in your home and they could save you a few bucks.

Tie Downs. In some cases, ratcheted tie-downs could be a major help. For example, they could be useful to safely strap your refrigerator, stovetop oven, or other large, heavy appliances, or large furniture to the inner wall of your moving truck. If you have rope, strong twine, old belts, or old shoelaces, you can tie things together or to the inside of your moving vehicle. Of course, you want to be sure it’s sturdy enough for the job, but these DIY methods could save you a ton of money.

Padding and Covers. Do you really need to buy a bunch of protective covering? Odds are, probably not. Though the materials can be very useful, you could replace them with plenty of other things, such as throw blankets, coats, comforters, plastic shopping bags, pillows and pillow cases, bedsheets, curtains, and similar items. Naturally, you don’t want your nice materials to become torn or tattered, so if you’ve got old stuff you might just throw out anyway, use it! Be cautious if you’re covering your belongings with something you’re not ready to replace or get rid of.



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