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Active Lifestyle? Move to Portland!

Aside from its beautiful scenery, ease of pedestrian mobility makes Portland an ideal moving destination for nature buffs and active individuals!

Did you know that Portland area residents spend roughly two billion dollars less on vehicular travel costs per year than the national average? For the most part, Portland’s savings are made possible through the city’s walkability. Moving around Portland on foot is rather convenient thanks in part to the ever-expanding light rail system. Furthermore; the Portland metropolitan area has a compact layout, very accommodating to a pedestrian lifestyle. 
Many individuals move to Portland because it’s a great place to live an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Aside from the transportation ease, many bike paths and dog parks are spangled throughout Portland; beautiful landscapes make outdoor activities especially alluring. It is no accident that the Portland area attracts so many fitness buffs and outdoors enthusiasts; the pedestrian-friendly layout is very much by design. Your movers in Portland, as you would imagine, live an especially active lifestyle and are in top physical condition. This is also by design! Your relocation team is a hand-picked bunch of fit moving veterans whose skills are finely tuned! Our movers are waiting to make your exciting transition to Portland enjoyable by providing quick and careful shipping services.