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Why Working in Columbus, Ohio is so Attractive

Are you considering moving to Columbus for work? Columbus is one of the fastest growing major metropolitan areas in the country, and hundreds of people each year are catching on to the growth and opportunities that the city has. As a result, tons of families are moving to Columbus in order to make it their home.

Tech-Savvy. Many major research and technology institutions reside in Columbus and have been attracting young professionals to the area in order to be a part of the up-and-coming tech city. What’s even better about moving to Columbus for the tech industry and the up-and-coming feel is the fact that the city practices extremely beneficial greenhouse gas (GHG) conservation. This makes the city of Columbus more popular to move to, and more popular nationwide in terms of global warming recognition and containment.

Besides everything mentioned above, why is working in Columbus, Ohio so attractive? Local Columbus moving companies will tell you it’s because Columbus is the city that has it all. No matter your age, whether you are single, or whether you have a family, there is something for everyone in Columbus, which makes it an appealing city to move to not only for a career, but for social and economic reasons as well.

Working in Columbus means meeting new people, living in either Downtown or one of the many beautiful suburbs, being within close proximity to entertainment, dining, shopping, and enjoying the amazing weather and location.

Affordability. Many young professionals and young families move to Columbus for work because of the cost of living and affordable housing. There are plenty of internships for college students or those who are fresh graduates and are not yet ready to make the plunge of starting a career. For those who already do have a career or specialty field, working in Columbus means numerous opportunities for jobs in a plethora of markets.

Healthcare. Another major factor that comes into play when people choose to work in Columbus and relocate to the city is healthcare. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Columbus’ healthcare among the best in the country.  In fact, nearly all hospitals, medical centers, and research and bioscience facilities in Columbus receive national attention. So, if you are moving to Columbus and are in the medical field, finding work in Columbus should not be a problem, as healthcare is a top priority and a top employer in the city.

Education. Columbus is home to 63 college and university campuses, and over 138,000 students. Over 22,000 college students graduate each year and can rest assured that there is an abundance of jobs for them to choose from. Working in Columbus may be a great choice for you, but it also could help your children be able to obtain a great education so that they can secure a job in Columbus as well.


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