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3 Things to Expect When You Move to New Albany, OH

 Have you been to Ohio lately? If not, then you may not be aware of America’s best suburb, New Albany. Home to a growing economy, a robust arts scene, and a warm community, it is a prime destination for anyone looking to relocate to an environment that offers both opportunity and serenity. Our team of New Albany, OH movers have watched the town grow over the years and flourish into a destination that does more to attract families coming in, than give them reason to leave. We’ve outlined those reasons below and encourage you to contact your professional packers in New Albany, OH right away upon learning why you need to be here.

 Activities and Events

 There is a plethora of regular can’t-miss activities in New Albany, OH for people of varying interests. People who enjoy a good meal will be able to take comfort in Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink or the Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern. Each May, New Albany residents take time to celebrate “Founders Day.” This event is a fun filled day of parades, rides, vendors, and street performers. For individuals who enjoy being active, the New Albany Walking Classic might be a something to consider. The “Classic” is a 10K walking event held annually in early September.  It has drawn the interest of thousands of participants from the Ohio area and beyond. In 2008, the event was named the country's best walking event by Walk magazine, and is now the country's largest walk-only race.


 A quality educational system is an important attribute in any destination that a parent is looking to move their family to. Parents want the best for their children, which is why a move to New Albany is perfect. Our New Albany, OH movers can attest to the high level of attention that education is given in the community. You may be pleased to know that nearly 40% of the residents are recipients of a high school diploma, with almost 80% having graduated from college and 37.6% completing a postgraduate degree program.


 How much does business growth and opportunity matter to you? If your answer is significantly, then you’ll be pleased to know that New Albany, OH has a plenty of opportunities for a business-minded individual. Back in 2011, Bob Evans Farms Inc. announced plans to move their corporate HQ location to the area and after contacting professional packers in New Albany, OH, completed their move to New Albany, creating jobs for hundreds of employees. If you’re a business owner looking to make an office move, All My Sons commercial relocation services can assist you as well.

 To learn more about what you can expect in your move to New Albany, contact All My Sons New Albany movers today at 614-401-3500. We’ll make sure that you’re equipped for your new life in one of the best places to live in the country.