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Creative Ways to Get Rid of an Ugly Window View

Did you buy a home and not realize that one window looks out to your neighbor’s junk pile? Purchase a home and now your neighbors are constantly gardening in less than attractive clothing? Had to rent an apartment in a big city and did not have much of a choice for an apartment with an ocean view? Regardless of what is outside your window, there are plenty of creative things that you can do to make your daily view a vision that you can enjoy!

Unfortunately, moving to Ohio for business sometimes means moving to the capital city of Columbus, and local moving companies want you to rest assured that you can cover up any ugly view that you may have lurking outside your city window, by following some of these tips.

  • Stained glass: Although this may not be the cheapest option, it might just be the prettiest. You can try to find old stained glass, a stained glass door that you can place in front of a window as vintage décor, or created your own. The colors will allow sun to shine in magnificently and you will forget about the ugliness outside.
  • Tint: If you are renting you may want to double check with your landlord or property agent first, but tinting a window with a mirror view can sometimes be the ideal option for masking an unattractive view; it can also give you extra privacy.
  • Shades: Roller shades and, of course, drapery can help cover a window with a bad view; however, it can block a lot of the light from shining through. If you still want some light to come through, opt for shades that are sheer with a pattern; the pattern will be distracting enough to take away from what is outside.
  • Trellis: If your space permits, consider building a trellis outside of the window and add a growing vine, possibly with flowers. If you are renting in a city, this can be extremely beneficial in not only blocking an unpleasant view, but also by acting as a sound barrier.
  • Create a Photo View: If you really wish you could look out your window and be taken to the ocean or the mountains, get a photo print of the view of your imagination and attach it on the other side of the window, but make sure that it is glossy or laminated so that it can withstand the elements.

Sometimes, an ugly window view is not your only problem. If you have unruly neighbors whose belongings are piling up outside and creating clutter and an unattractive appeal to your home, talk to them about it. Maybe even offer to help them get rid of their stuff or sell it.

However, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that you have walked a property or rental two to three times before buying or leasing, making sure that you see these issues before you end up having to cover an unpleasant view. But if you absolutely love the space, try one of your Columbus mover’s creative ways to fix your flawed view!