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Tips for Moving Specialty Items to Columbus

The majority of families and individuals who are moving just pack everything the best that they can and hire a local moving company to come and help them with the load and transport. Expert specialty movers in Columbus suggest that if you have extra-large items or fragile items, that you should have them professionally packed and moved, as to preserve them from being scratched, broken, or even worse – stolen. The specialty movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have been helping families and individuals move their most prized items for over 25 years. During that time, our team has created some tips for moving specialty items to Columbus.

Pianos – Grand pianos are very fragile and extremely delicate to move. Most new models allow the legs to be detached in order to make moving easier, as well as locking the inner parts so that it does not mess up the tuning. However, you should never try to move your grand piano yourself. Unless you have done extensive research, only a professional piano mover in Columbus will know how to secure and preserve your piano’s delicate inner parts.

Statues and Art - Statues should not be packaged in typical moving boxes and neither should other forms of expensive art. If you have a small, medium, large, or extra-large statue that is not inexpensive or is comprised of fragile or pristine materials, you will want to hire a specialty mover when moving to Columbus. A specialty mover for statues and art will be able to properly wrap the item so that it is safe from the elements, and then package it in the safest manner possible. Some large statues may need specialty crating, which is a service that should not be dismissed.

Automobiles – All My Sons of Columbus has over 25 years of experience moving automobiles, boats, jet skis and other motorized vehicles.  When transporting vehicles via truck transport (and even by boat), make sure that you take all personal items out and any loose items that can shift around. For boats, make sure that you remove the drain plugs in case it rains. Disconnect all batteries in automobiles and vehicles. If you are traveling during winter or less than ideal conditions, specialty movers who are experts at vehicle transport recommend getting the item wrapped.

Extra-large TVs – A lot of homeowners have very large TVs since they are popular, but moving them can prove to be a hassle. The best way to carry your television when packing and moving it is by facing the base to the floor. By having the screen facing the ceiling, if you happen to drop it you may be able to save the screen.


The very best tip that someone can give you for moving specialty items to Columbus is to hire a specialty moving company to handle it. There are some items that you should not try moving yourself in order to ensure their safety from the elements, transport and travel conditions, and proper packing. If you are moving to Columbus and you have specialty items to move, do some research and find the best local specialty mover in the area to make it hassle free.