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Tips for Hosting an Open House

There is a large debate in the realty world about whether or not open houses are beneficial. Some say yes, some say no. Point is, as long as there is realty, there will be open houses. They give buyers a chance to see whether they like the feel of a house or not, and that is much more than a brochure or the internet can do. If you are hosting an open house in Columbus in an attempt to sell your home, then there are some things you should keep in mind.

The best ways to enhance your open house are simple. Many realtors recommend that you take advantage of social media and all of the apps that are available online. Relying on paper is so old school, and keeping up with the times is important. Making your home’s presence known on the web can work wonders for increasing foot traffic at open houses. With that being said, it is also important to have signs throughout the neighborhood and on main roads. Experts recommend that you put an open house sign above your house listing sign a week before the open house. This will encourage potential buyers to come back when they can get a sneak peek at what you have to offer.

One underappreciated resource is neighbors. They can be your biggest allies. Neighbors want their friends to move close to them, so chances are they will be spreading the word about your house being on the market. Plus, they have knowledge on the neighborhood and its surroundings, so they truly are your best salespeople.

When we think of our homes, we don’t think of them as controversial. They are our homes. But, to the general public it can be quite different. Seeing as you were raised in the South where having animal heads on your walls and their furs on your floor was normal, it’s hard to realize that might be offensive to other people. Same goes for people that have been raised in a highly liberal area and have a shrine of Barack Obama on their wall. Experts recommend that anything that is even the slightest bit controversial be taken down, as to not scare off any potential buyers.

If you have a real estate agent who is going to man the open house for you, it is important that you are not present when people start showing up. If this is not the case, of course it is important that you are there. Some real estate agents say that it’s good to not have the seller and buyers meet, as it can create an awkward situation. Also, of you have pets and are evacuating for the open house, take the pets with you. Some people are allergic and/or scared of pets, and having them around could create some issues.

Having an open house is a big step when it comes time to move, and it is important that you do everything in your power to enhance your home’s appeal. Although it is pretty simple to get things together for when the time comes, make sure to think like the buyer. It isn’t a good idea to have a messy house that can’t be maneuvered. With a little bit of common sense, and some help from the expert realtors, your house will be sold before you know it.