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How to Throw the Best House Cooling Party Ever

Here’s an idea for you if you’re moving from Columbus - throw a house cooling party! We have all heard of house warming parties, which is where you go to a friend’s new house, get a very short tour whilst being told about a lot of plans for rooms that sound ridiculous (arcade room, fancy spare bedroom, etc.), and you top it all off with good food and even better vibes to ring in the new house with a bang. But what is a house cooling party? Essentially, it’s the parallel equivalent of a house warming. It’s the same concept but you throw a party at your old house before you leave.

It’s a party for friends, family, and neighbors when your house is filled with boxes and lots of packed up goodies everywhere. So if you think a house cooling party is right for you, read on and get some ideas on how to really knock this one out of the park.

The Invites – The invite list for a house cooling party can go one of two ways. First you could do it in an intimate fashion by inviting only close personal friends and family. Most people in our state would probably go for this option when moving from Columbus. But you could also try for the other option, which is to invite everyone who has ever had an experience in your soon to be old house. Reminiscing is part of the fun in a house cooling party, so inviting people who have great stories to tell is always a great idea. After you move from Columbus you need to make sure you have made some great memories there.

Reminiscing – Moving can be emotional. You’re leaving behind some really great people and places and you are taking an exciting step by moving to your new house. There’s a lot going on and the best way to deal with it is to really get into the spirit of reminiscing when you finally move out of your house. Print out pictures of some of the great things that have happened in your home; after all, house cooling parties are supposed to be fun! The most important thing is to make sure you really pay homage to your old house before moving to the new one.

Keep it Civil – Don’t forget that just because you are moving from Columbus into your new home, you don’t want to necessarily trash the old place. You might still have a security deposit, or if you are moving to a house in Columbus and not out of state, you don’t want your reputation to be tarnished. Make sure you treat your old house with respect.

Have Fun – Of course above all else, a house cooling party is about having fun. Make sure you enjoy one of your last times in your Columbus home!