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4 Ways to Save on Clintonville Business Movers

Just because you are hiring a full-service corporate moving company, doesn’t mean it should be expensive. The Clintonville business movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to tell you how you can save on hiring Clintonville business movers.

The first thing you should do to try to save on full service corporate moving companies is to shop around. You should start with recommendations from family, friends and colleagues and seek out a few of these recommendations. You can also find some candidates online. When you are looking at companies, it’s important to note that a consultant should take an inventory of your office. He or she should also note stairs in your office or building, or any narrow streets outside. Once you have a few estimates in front of you, beware of any quotes that might be well below the others. You should also check out the Better Business Bureau for any complaints, that way you can verify the credibility of your  full service corporate moving company.

Moving is an opportunity to do a deep declutter. Your office might have a ton of paperwork that needs to be thrown out, or stuff hidden in desk drawers. It is a waste to spend money on packing supplies to pack up things that you might only throw out in your new office space. Moving companies also usually charge by weight, so why would you want to weigh down your boxes for no reason? Exactly- there’s no reason to! Start decluttering a few weeks before your office move, so you can save some money.

Another way to save on Clintonville business movers is to pick the right time to move. Full service corporate moving companies are usually the busiest around the last 10 days of the month, and during the months of May through September. If you can time your move early in the spring and in the middle of the month, you can generally find better rates than you would if you were moving during peak season.

Lastly, you should get organized when you are packing. You should clearly label all your boxes and keep an inventory. You can keep an inventory on your laptop, in a notebook or wherever else you want. The more organized you are on moving day, the easier it’s going to be for your movers to get your stuff. The easier it is for your movers to get all your stuff, the faster they can get the job done.

If you’re making a business or office move soon, you should contact All My Sons Moving & Storage today for a free consultation and stress-free moving.