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Save Money by Installing Solar Shingles

If you are moving to Columbus and your home needs roof replacement, spend the money to save money, by installing solar shingles. Although solar shingles may cost more upfront, you can save on your power bill and use them as a tax write-off, saving you money in the long run. An important factor that will determine whether or not you can install solar shingles or panels to your existing roof, is if your roof is at an angle that will catch the sun. If you are going to be replacing your roof entirely, you may be able to construct a new roof and the proper angle.

If you are still on the fence on whether or not you should add solar shingles to your roof, All My Sons of Columbus has some more information on the benefits of solar shingles.

- If you do not need roof replacement, but still want to save money on your power bill and get the tax write-off, you can easily add solar shingles or panels to your home’s existing design.
- Solar shingles can look the same as regular shingles
- Solar shingles are just as durable as traditional shingles
- A roof that is made of solar shingles is trendy and visually appealing.
- If you are selling your home, replacing your existing roof with solar shingles can be a great update to the home that you can include as an additional expense in your listing price.
- Solar shingles are easy to install
- Can be used with asphalt shingles
- Can withstand strong winds, sometimes more than a traditional roof can
- If you purchase photovoltaic shingles, they can produce up to 17 watts of electricity, helping you save even more money on your power bill.
- You can use solar shingles or panels to heat the water in your pool

Once you have decided to start searching for the right solar shingles or panels for your roof, you will want to determine which kind of system you prefer. Solar shingles can be used in grid-tied or off-grid systems.

- Grid-tied systems can provide electricity to buildings and you can sell the power that you are not using to a utility company.
- Off-grid systems are typically used as back-up systems during power failures and are more expensive than grid-tied systems.

The biggest turn-off to homeowners when it comes to solar shingle installation is the high price tag. However, studies have found that solar shingles will pay themselves off within the first few years after installation.

Since solar shingles can only be installed during new roof installation, if your home is new and does not yet need a new roof, you may want to opt for solar panels instead. However, if your roof is around eight years old, you should consider your options for replacing it before you hit the ten year mark; most homeowner’s insurance plans will require that you replace your roof every ten years.  If you end up replacing your roof and will be needing to move your belongings so that you can stay elsewhere during the installation, All My Sons of Columbus can package and store your belongings until you are ready to move them back into your home.