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Regain Your Space from Clutter

Drawers overflowing with clutter and papers, cabinets filled to the brim and bookshelves covered in knickknacks and junk can suck the life out of your home. With a little dedication and attention to details, you can keep clutter at bay and keep the peace in your home. The Columbus movers are here to help you learn how.

The Foyer:

Store shoes, umbrellas, raincoats and other belongings in a nice long and low cabinet with storage. A basket for shoes is a great way to toss kicks out of the way but keep them handy for quick runs out the door or taking the pets out for a walk.

Hit the Showers: Toss nearly empty shampoo bottles and set a limit for how many products can be in the shower area. A selection of 5 shampoos and 3 body washes is excessive and unnecessary.

The Mail Stops Here: Junk mail and magazines can quickly add up to clutter. Keep only the latest issues of magazines in sight and toss them once you are done reading. Save any recipes or inspiring images you find and keep them in a folder.

The Linen Closet:

Towels: Rolls towels and separate them by use. Bath towels and beach towels get separate shelving, and hand towels and wash cloths get their own place as well.

Keep sheet sets together. The flat, fitted, and pillowcases of a sheet set should all be grouped together for easy bed dressing.

Change blankets seasonally. Wool and heavier fabrics are useful in the winter, but excessive in the summer. Rotate as the temps rise and drop.

The Home Office:

Keep a clock in plain view. Stay on top of time and avoid running late or missing appointments.

File Away. A file cabinet of a small but useful side is perfect for stowing important documents like leases or mortgages, bills and bank statements.

Utilize the wall space and room height. Vertical storing tools like a mesh basket ladder can be practical and offer a twist to traditional shelving and storage.

The Garage:

Hang racks and pegboards. Organize tools, utility items and garden pieces up off the floor and at eye level.

Get baskets and bins. Sporting equipment, home improvement tools and holiday décor can easily be separated and located when needed.

Utility carts offer more storage. Keep frequently used items in an open faced metal cart for easy access.