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Reducing your Electric Bill

If you have recently moved, chances are your electric bill is a different price. If it is lower, congratulations, if not, there are a few variables to consider when investigating the sources. A few tweaks to usage time and knowing your habits can decrease your energy bill significantly. Top sources of energy usage are:

  1. Weather

During hot weather, cooling your home can account for 50% of your electric bill. In addition, even though it may not be as hot out as the previous day, the humidity can cause your A/C to run longer.

  1. Water

Although it may be hot outside, if your temperatures are cooler inside, your shower times can still be long. If you feel cool, you can take longer showers can increase your water heating fees.

  1. Major Appliances

Ever get yelled at for leaving the refrigerator door open too long? Well, in this case it is justified. Some appliances take an exuberant amount of energy to power. Dishwashers, blow dryers, vacuums, electric stoves, and ovens are major energy consumers. As a rule the more heat the appliance expels, the more energy it consumes.

  1. Occupants

Depending on the amount of people you have in your home, can say a lot about your energy bill. The more time spent in a home, and the more people in it, will end up raising your costs, as rooms get hotter with more people, and more appliance and water is used.

  1. Additions

Having that amazing pool or Jacuzzi in your backyard can be great, but it will add to your bill. The amenity can have extra features such as heating, or jets for the Jacuzzi.

Some main ways to cut on these costs are to plan ahead. Here are some tips on reducing your energy bill:

  1. A/C

Cool your home at 78 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 70 can decrease your bill drastically. Get a professional to check fluid levels, and make sure it is insulated efficiently. Be sure to have the house warmer while you are away from the home. Make sure your thermostat is updated to automatically change temperature when outdoor temperature changes. Also replace A/C filters every month.

  1. Water

Set your water heater at or below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash your clothes with cool temperatures and always use a cold rinse. Adjust water levels on the washing machine to match the load you put in it. You can also insulate the first half of your water heater to prevent temperature losses during storage.

  1. Appliances & Additions

Check your refrigerator so that not too much ice is being made to keep your freezer operating. Make sure all door close completely. Air dry your hair sometimes, fry your chicken with healthy oils instead of baking it for 40 minutes. Use a broom for hard floors instead of vacuuming. Set the amount of time your pool is running to less than six hours a day, and get outdoor light that run on solar energy.

Congratulations on your recent move to Columbus!