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Design an Outdoor Cooking Area

Cooking on the grill is very much an American pastime and a great way to spend the afternoon with family and friends outdoors. Here at the Columbus movers, we want to help you choose the right equipment and make the most of your outdoor space to create and area to cook and entertain loved ones. For people who grill often, an outdoor kitchen is an easy way to keep commonly used grill items handy and accessible and minimize trips back and forth to the refrigerator indoors.

Many grills today have storage space and shelving to allow for a full setup around the grill. But is that space enough? Would a crisper or some other appliances make your grilling setup more complete? If you are becoming serious about grilling and entertaining, then you need to consider a grill kitchen for your cooking needs.

If you don’t have a grill yet, the first step is to choose one. Electric grills are much more user friendly than charcoal, and the propane tanks will last a significant amount of time without replacing coals like a charcoal grill requires. Grill placement is also important—do you have a place, such as an extended awning, where the grilling can continue even if it starts raining? If not, you may want to look for man-made versions that will allow the grill and the chef room to cook away.

Pick up grill accessories, like a grill brush, baskets for grilling fish and veggies, insect control tools, side burners, and lighting to see the status and progress of the meat without removing and inspecting.

Aside from the grill, you will want additional pieces to build the grill kitchen. An exhaust hood to dissipate smoke, electrical outlets for stereos, phone charging, and additional appliance power. A mini fridge for veggies and marinated meat is a great addition. Wine storage, a beer bin, and other methods for keeping beverages chilled are vital for the kitchen. Determine what your family uses and what you would benefit from the most, and you’ll be on your way to building your ideal outdoor kitchen.