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Moving to Columbus in the Summer

Moving is hard. Unless you hire people to do everything for you, moving is not the most enjoyable way to pass time. Moving during the winter means frozen extremities that you can’t feel, and moving during the summer means sweating more than you knew was imaginable. And then fall and spring are typically off limits because that is when people are busy at work and/or school. Summer is the most popular time for people to move, and with that being said, get ready to sweat. Columbus is located in the Midwest. This means summers that are hot when you are being lazy sitting by the pool, let alone packing up your entire life and moving. With temperatures that average in the mid 80’s it’s important to keep some things in mind when moving.

First and foremost, whether you are moving or you are having someone do it for you, make sure to stay hydrated. Lifting boxes and furniture, and boxes, and moving all of your belongings is hard enough. Then add the heat and humidity that come with summer and you are in for a real treat. Keeping your body hydrated is critical when it comes to staying conscious, let alone making a successful move.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to wear the appropriate clothing. Wearing a thick dark hoodie in the middle of the summer heat is a trip to the hospital for some IV fluids. The best kind of clothing would be something lightweight, and a light color. Dark colors attract sunlight, and when you’re moving during the summer that is not what you want.

Turning on the AC before you pack everything up, and right as you arrive at your new house can be quite beneficial. It might hurt your electric bill, but it’s okay to splurge when you are going to be completely miserable if you don’t. Moving everything into a truck in a hot house, and then moving everything from the hot truck into the hot house is in no way going to be enjoyable. Take one for the team and crank the AC.

It is important to keep the summer heat in mind in terms of your belongings. Certain items don’t do well in hot conditions, so instead of putting them in the moving truck, take them in the car with you. Things like CD’s, DVD’s, and candles are not things that you want in the back of a hot stuffy moving truck. They will be ruined forever in a matter of minutes.

Summer moves are sometimes a necessary evil. With a little bit of common sense and a lot of preparation and planning, it can be almost not miserable. There are certain aspects of moving that are miserable without the summer heat, crank up the temperatures and add some sun and now you’re talking about an uncomfortable situation. Good luck on your move to Columbus!