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Columbus Lingo: 20 Terms you Should Know

If you are moving to Columbus, there are some things you might want to learn before you move to town. Columbus movers don’t want you to suffer from out-of-towner syndrome or newbie syndrome, so make sure you catch up on the following Columbus lingo – before you move. Or, you can always sound like you’re new in town.

  1. Who is the professional football team? – Well, there is none to be exact. Columbus residents are die-hard Buckeye fans, and they are not a professional football team – and no one cares. Another sports tip: Don’t root for The Wolverines, and get to learn the sport of tailgating. More sports: locals LOVE our professional ice hockey NHL team – the Blue Jackets. If there is a Blue Jacket game on, expect any bar or restaurant you go to, to be filled with crazy fans – crazy in the good, fun way.
  2. It’s the C-Bus – not sure what we’re talking about? That’s because you are new, so here’s a hint: the C-Bus is what Columbus locals call COTA - Central Ohio Transit Authority.
  3. Food, food, and more food – Columbus residents LOVE food; essentially, we’re foodies. Some of the hot spots you should get familiar with are: Cameron Mitchell’s The Pearl, North Market, Jeni’s, and Rigsby’s Kitchen. Ask around and you’ll find many more places, too.
  4. Jeni’s is the only ice cream we like – correction: obsessed with. You have not lived until you have tried sweet potato with torched marshmallow ice cream, Middle West whiskey egg nog ice cream, and rum ball and buttercup pumpkin with amaretti cookies. However, next month expect those flavors to change.
  5. Instagram O-H-I-O – in case you see this and think that it is random – grabbing three friends and spelling out Ohio with your arms is popular to do anywhere, anytime, and locals love it – so Instagram it! Another Ohio spelling tip: if you ever hear someone yell “O-H” you better ALWAYS respond with “I-O”.
  6. THE OSU- Don’t forget the “The” before Ohio State University, or someone might correct you.
  7. The butter cow and calf – every year you will see these two at the Ohio State Fair.
  8. Arnold Schwarzeneggar is a God – not exactly, but we love him and he loves us. You can see his statue at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The statue was created in his honor, for winning the Mr. World title at the Veterans Memorial back in 1970, here in Columbus.
  9. The Most Intelligent City in America – back in 2013 that is, but still, Columbus is constantly ranking towards the very top when it comes to education.
  10. The LBGTQA population is one of the largest – if you are pro gay-pride you will love Columbus, because we are home to one of the largest pride parades in the Midwest.
  11. July 4th Means The Doo Dah Parade – called “a parody of life” parade, it is a local custom every July 4th.
  12. We like to tow – if you can’t find your car – now you will know where it is. You’re welcome.
  13. White Castle – get to like it if you don’t already. And be sure to purchase a cheese slider, double cheese slider, and a bacon cheese slider.
  14. The secret to our intelligence – lies within the Columbus Metro Library. Our library is massive, beautiful, you can get lost in it, and you will love it if you do.
  15. Local brews – there are 14 breweries and an endless amount of bars and restaurants that serve up local beers, so be sure to find which one you like best!
  16. CD102.5 – “the best radio station in Columbus” – this is where you can hear local music and learn about all local music events.
  17. The Fourth of July – the most major holiday in Columbus.
  18. Donuts – donuts can be found just about anywhere, 24/7 and they are greatly appreciated.
  19. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium – home to over 9,000 animals, our zoo is like Disney, and it was named the number one zoo in the country by USA Travel Guides in 2009.
  20. Know the 3 C’s – Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati; but know that Columbus is the best.