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Helping Kids Adjust to a New Home

Moving is hard enough on your own or with a few roommates. If you’ve recently started a family, you’ll find even more challenges emerge as you attempt to move with children. If this is their first move, it can be emotionally spending – even a little bit scary. Luckily,  our top-rated Columbus movers know how to help your child adjust to a move. We are here to offer you some helpful tips to get everyone settle into your new home. Truthfully, you don’t have to change much. Just keep up with what you’ve always done to help kids realize home isn’t where you live – it’s who you are with. Let’s take a look at some tips from our expert team of professional movers!

Let Your Kids Know Early

Got a few weeks or months before your scheduled move? Break the ice early Tell you kids that you have to move, let them know why you have to move, and ask if they have any special requests. Making them feel included in your family’s move will help them feel important and like they are a bit more in control of an otherwise hopeless situation. Maybe they want a new bicycle to navigate the suburb streets, or a playhouse to invite new neighbors over to play in. Really, don’t underestimate or overlook your children’s input in this scenario.

Remind Them Continuously That Everything Will Be Fine

Stability is a huge factor in transitioning into a new home. Kids are often affected by this the most, and it’s important that you remind them their family is there for them and that things will remain that way, through all the change. By having dinner together as a family, for example, children will feel more inclined to open up and speak about their day, their school, and their feelings. You want to keep lines of communication open so that children know they have the right to speak freely amongst your family. Make them feel comfortable venting their frustrations. Remember, you were a kid once. A new school and city can be awfully intimidating. Having someone there to hold onto through the fear can ease their worry. When figuring out how to help your child adjust to a move, you need to keep their feelings at the forefront.

Make Them Feel Right at Home – Again

Aesthetic tricks can go a long way. While some kids will love all the new, some will certainly be homesick for their previous residence. There’s really no way to predict how a child will react, but our Columbus local movers believe nobody knows a child like their parent. If they are missing the old place, why not paint your new one similar to the old? Decorate their rooms in a similar – if not the same – fashion. Even using the same welcome mat on the front porch can offer some sort of familiarity and calm. 

Remember, while moving is difficult for all people to some extent, it is especially heart wrenching for kids. They are leaving all they know behind – friends, neighborhoods, schools, etc. For several weeks, it’s like part of them is still at the old home. It’s important to exercise patience. Let them settle in, and in due time, they’ll feel right at home.

If you have any other questions about helping your family assimilate, peruse the articles here. We know how to help your child adjust to your new home because we’ve been helping families mover for four generations. Our team of professional Columbus residential movers is at your beck and call. Contact us today to speak to a representative and receive a free, no-obligation quote.