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Fun Facts when Moving to Columbus, Ohio

If you are moving to Columbus, did you know that you are moving to what is called the San Francisco of the Midwest? All My Sons Moving & Storage Columbus have been moving businesses and families to the city for over 25 years and have gathered some fun facts when moving to Columbus, Ohio that every new resident should know!

The Wexner is the best place in town for art. Located at OSU, the Wexner Center for the Arts is one of the coolest places in all of Columbus to check out. The Wexner is the city’s go-to location for art, film, concerts, dance performances, theater, and exhibitions. Take a break from unpacking moving boxes and take your family to the Wexner Center for a show or tour the facility in order to see some amazing local art and art from OSU students.

Columbus natives are smart. The Intelligent Communities Forum named Columbus as one of the seven most intelligent cities in the world – whoa! If you are moving to Columbus with your family, rest assured that they will be receiving education from one of the most highly educated public school systems in the United States.

North Market is a go-to for everything food. No matter what kind of food you are looking for, you can most likely find it at North Market. Not only does North Market have food, but it also has shopping; so, if you ever need anything, you can head to North Market for your one-stop-shop in Columbus.

Buckeyes. Sure, the town you moved to Columbus from may have been big on sports, but it’s not likely to be bigger than Columbus’ love for the Buckeyes. Columbus movers recommend that you never talk trash about the Buckeyes after moving to Columbus, and don’t even attempt to travel on the roads the day of a home football game; 90 percent of residents are football fans and the roads will be a gridlock.

German Village is the place to live. German Village is very well known in Columbus for being absolutely beautiful, with a lot of friendly people. Unfortunately, the area can be the most expensive in Columbus, so although German Village is the ideal place to live in Columbus, it’s not for everyone.

You must eat at least one Thurman Burger. The Thurman Burger can be found at The Thurman Café, and has made it on the famous “Man vs. Food” television show for its massive burger topped with a ham sandwich, bacon, and served with chips.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is cool. Who knew that after moving to Columbus you would suddenly love going to the library? – We did. Columbus movers recommend checking out one of the coolest libraries in the country. The Columbus Metropolitan Library is rated five-stars and has a National Medal for Museum and Library Science.

Parks, parks, and more parks. Not only are there numerous parks in the city, but some fun facts when moving to Columbus, Ohio is that the city has parks that offer different elements. First, there’s the very well-known Columbus Park of Roses, then Glen Echo Ravine, and Olentangy Trail, which features a hidden hiking path.

There is no shortage of fun facts when moving to Columbus, and the local movers at All My Sons are always willing to recommend places to eat and things to do with your family after we get you settled into your new home. Call today for a free in-home moving estimate!