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Finding a Doctor in Columbus

With COVID-19 on the rise, it’s important to know how to find a new doctor in your area. After our dedicated Columbus movers assist with your relocation to town, make sure you check out our tips on finding a doctor in Columbus.

How Do I Find a New Doctor in My Area?

Packing up your whole life and transferring everything to a new neighborhood can be overwhelming. You are in charge of switching utilities, finding your kids a new school, and of course, finding a doctor in Columbus. Finding a new doctor in your area shouldn’t be tough when you have our experts on the job. Review in-network doctors through your insurance, ask medical professionals, and seek advice from neighbors, friends and family.

Review In-Network Doctors Through Health Insurance

When you’re trying to find a doctor in Columbus, the first order of business is to look at your insurance. If you are moving out of state with the help of our Columbus long distance movers, you are most likely going to change your health insurance depending on a number of factors such as an employer’s health insurance options, household income, among others. A few popular brands of health insurance in Ohio include Humana, Paramount and CareSource.

Whether you opt for health insurance offered by your employer, private insurance, or through the Marketplace, each health insurance company will offer a list of in-network medical professionals. This means that a health insurance company and the doctor have agreed to a discounted rate for the medical services rendered as well as necessary medicine and equipment dispensed. After you select a plan that best suits your needs, review the list of in-network providers affiliated with your health insurance company. It doesn’t matter if you have insurance through work or private insurance, it’s important to know which doctors in Columbus are under your shared network. Avoid any surprising fees and call ahead of time to make sure the doctors take your insurance, including your specific plan. Some doctors accept certain plans from a health insurance company, so it’s important double check before your appointment.

Ask Medical Professionals for Recommendations

A simple way to find a new doctor in your area is by asking for recommendations from your previous medical professionals. Doctors likely have connections all over the country depending on where they went to medical school or where they completed their residency. Your old primary doctor, dermatologist and even your hematologist may have connections to doctors in your neighborhood in Columbus, OH. We understand the emotional connection you may have to your old doctor. That’s why you should trust their suggestions when seeking recommendations. It doesn’t hurt to ask experts in the field for references; why not give it a shot!  

Seek Advice from Neighbors, Friends and Family

Another great way to find a new doctor in your area is by seeking advice from neighbors, friends and family. Besides asking your old medical professionals for recommendations, you can ask co-workers, new friends and even your neighbors who have lived in the same house for a decade! Word of mouth recommendations are some of the most valuable yet can be tricky, so keep an open mind. Just because someone you know had a bad experience at a doctor’s office doesn’t mean you will have the same. Once you get your recommendations from the people in your life, make sure you are fact checking and completing thorough research. Check their credentials online, read reviews and learn more information about each doctor inside your network.

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Trust your gut feeling in your search for a doctor in Columbus, OH. While one person may have had an excellent experience with a certain physician who comes highly recommended, you may feel differently when you’re in the exam room for your appointment. Regardless of the recommendations or their educational background, if you are not comfortable with a doctor, or you don’t feel like they are listening to your concerns, your search for a new doctor isn’t over. Thoroughly research each doctor you consider – Google them, confirm their credentials, seek referrals, read reviews from a variety of sources – and you will be on your way to finding a new doctor in Columbus in no time! If you need any further assistance moving to our wonderful community, contact Columbus local movers today. With over 20 years of experience, we are the premier moving company in Columbus.