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Use Feng Shui to Sell Your Home?

When it comes to the real estate game, a lot can be said for having creativity with your marketing plan. In terms of your home’s appearance, a little tamed creativity can go over well too—just make sure you have a vision for your home as you want it to appear to prospective buyers. One of the most powerful styles of decorating throughout the world continues to be feng shui. Feng shui is a process that helps you to analyze your home and see what is positive, negative, attractive, unattractive, and so on.

Feng shui lies largely around staging your home. Simple home practices you might not realize are feng shui include clearing out clutter, making your home smell pleasant, and tidying up the foyer or entryway of your home. While feng shui alone probably won’t sell your house, there are some tactical style methods you can incorporate to make your home subliminally more appealing to prospective buyers. Want to sell your Columbus home using feng shui? Let’s get to it!

First step: the welcome element. How welcoming is your home to guests? Turn furniture so that it faces the entry way, rather than having backs facing the door as guests come in. You want buyers to feel like they belong in your home, and the back of a couch would make them feel subconsciously intrusive. Harness positive energy and arrange furniture so that is welcomes those who walk in.

Have a natural flow of traffic throughout the home. Cramming furniture into a room or having things positioned in angles that cut off walkways is a turnoff. No one wants to have to squeeze past things or feel like they might knock something over just trying to maneuver through the house. Keep clear and spacious walkways laid out throughout the home.

Pay attention to subliminal messages. Keep things calm and copasetic in the bedroom, and avoid too much color or print in the bedroom that can result as stressful or exhausting. As a rule, nature scenes are soothing, as are pale colors. Think of the way that a spa is decorated and how everything about it aims to calm and relax. Store away religious icons or family photos to make the room look like a clean slate ready for buyers to envision themselves living there.

Incorporate plants and water. Water represents money and the toilet is the one place where water/money escapes—so keep the toilet closed. Real estate agents will also second this but for a different reason, being that no one wants to look inside your toilet. Water in the form of a small fountain, on the other hand, can be a smart subliminal way to utilize water because water that circulates in the home is symbolic of prosperity and positive energy.

There you have it! A few ways you can incorporate feng shui into your home’s staging to help it appeal to buyers. Good luck selling your Columbus home!