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Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Home owning, like other facets of life, can get wearisome after sometime. Sometimes, you don’t need a new home—you need to be reminded of what initially brought you to buy the one you are in. Here at the Columbus local movers, we know that it can be hard to focus on the things you love and ignore the flaws, but we want to help you!

Fix what you are putting off. As you walk around your home, you might notice things you always wanted to change but never did. Don’t like the faucets in the bathroom? Buy and install new ones. Do some rooms need repainting or does the bathroom need caulking? Tackle these tasks and you will instantly feel better—and you won’t be focusing on the things that bug you from room to room. With that said, when the time does come to sell your home, these fixes will be taken care of—so it’s a win-win!

Change the draperies. Swapping out old curtains for new ones is like the equivalent of a facelift for your home. You can even get in the habit of changing them seasonally with new drapes or curtains. They can also be used to add a print to the room or to change the color scheme entirely, making it feel NEW!

Paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint, even white paint, can lift the mood of the entire room and make it feel newer. Don’t feel like taking on the task of painting entire rooms? Try an accent wall or painting the trim for a little and quick pick me up. Beware: dark colors generally make rooms feel smaller and liberal applications of wallpaper tend to make a home look old.

Landscape! The yard is an area of the home that some people do bare bones work on. Mowing the lawn is only the beginning! Plant flowers, start a garden, set up an area for grilling and hanging out outdoors. Give your lawn an inexpensive makeover by trimming bushes and trees, weeding the garden and planting colorful flowers. Additionally, remove any large plants that hide the home's façade and add new mulch to flower beds to really make the exterior pop. You can also hang a bird feeder, wind chimes, or a sun dial for a little added outdoor décor.

De-clutter. Sometimes, one of the most frustrating things about your home is all of the STUFF that you have acquired over time. Spend a little bit of time each day going through areas of your home—shelves, closets, drawers, and sort through what you have collected. Some things you will forget you own, some things you no longer need to hang on to. Either way, getting a current inventory of what you’ve got is a smart move. Not to mention, letting stuff go and donating or selling unused things is cathartic and offers stress relief.

There you have it—a few ways to help your home feel newer and in turn, help you feel better! For more tips on healthy and happy living, trust your Columbus movers to help guide you.