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Fall Hiking Trails in Columbus

If there is one really important piece of information that you should know before you move to Columbus, it is that the Greater Columbus area is one of the absolute best places in the United States to witness fall foliage. Greater Columbus is home to many parks, creeks, and breathtaking hiking and biking trails. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families to and from the Greater Columbus area for over 20 years. During that time, new residents and long-time locals have boasted about the local hiking areas around town. If you are moving to Columbus this fall, the following five hiking trails are sights that you will not want to miss!

  1. Highbanks Metropark is known for its 100-foot tall sandstone bluff that overlooks the Olentangy State Scenic River. The trails in Highbanks Metropark that are the best for hiking are the Coyote Run and Overlook trails, which combined make five miles of hiking – and  challending hiking at that. The hiking experience at Highbanks Metropark is one filled with forest and river views, as well as natural foliage that dates back to prehistoric times. After moving to Columbus, your children can partake in many activities in the park that occur year-round and can be found on the park’s website.
  2. Slate Run Metropark is just as breathtaking as Highbanks, but its scenery is a little bit different, with more marshlands, fields, and numerous tree species. During fall, the different types of tress offer fall hiking trails in Columbus like no other. With fall foliage from some of the prettiest views in all of Ohio, Slate Run Metropark is where many residents visit during the fall to witness the beauty of the city they live in.
  3. Hayden Run Falls and The Scioto River are on the north end of Columbus. This is a favorite among Columbus movers and families due to the 35-foot waterfall, Hayden Run Falls. The scenery in the park that houses Hayden Run Falls is said to have intense fall colors due to the reflections off of the Scioto River.
  4. The Scioto Mile and Scioto Audobon Metropark is located extremely close to downtown Columbus for those who are taking a stroll through the city, and wish to see the beauty of the area after a long day of shopping. The Grange Insurance Audobon Center is a part of the park where you can learn more about the wildlife and native plants that are in the park, as well as bird watch.
  5. Battelle Darby Creek Metropark is more for those who are moving to the west side of Columbus, Ohio, and features over 20 miles of hiking through the 7,000 acres of parkland. According to the locals, you can also catch a sighting of bison at this park.

No matter what area of Columbus you move to, there are amazing parks that all offer something unique and completely different. After your Columbus movers get you settled into your new home, if you and your family love the outdoors, you can make a weekend out of visiting each park in Columbus until you have made it to all – a perfect way to spend your first fall in Columbus!