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Exterior Home Painting No-No’s

Moving into a new home that needs updating may seem like a long and tedious process, and the majority of the time it can be. Most homeowners only think about the interior of their homes, too. However, the outside of your home is the very first impression that you make on your guests, getting them in the door with an already impressed mind, will help them to be more optimistic about the inside of your home as well.

Columbus movers have a tip for new homeowners who are looking to renovate and paint their homes: if your budgeting allows, use your tax write-offs to complete small, yearly projects. This way, you are not losing a large sum of money all at once and you can get the most needed areas updated first. Repainting your home is the perfect project to tackle with a tax refund, and when it comes to painting your home, if the inside has peeling paint and truly needs to be repainted, then go for it. However, if you are just trying to update colors in your home, when the outside could use a fresh coat a paint – do the curb appeal of your home a favor and paint it a new color!

If you have finally decided to paint the exterior of your home, beware of these exterior home painting no-no’s:

  1. Not choosing a color scheme – make sure you take the time to choose the right color for your home, and this rule goes hand-in-hand with the next couple of rules
  2. Not sampling the color on your home – once you have selected 3 or 4 colors you like, sample them on the exterior of your home, in broad daylight so that you can see exactly how it will look. Exterior home painting is not inexpensive, so before you choose a color and paint your entire house, spending your entire tax-refund, make sure the color is going to be one that you absolutely like.
  3. Not checking with your neighbors – have you ever been in a neighborhood where you see nice home after nice home, and then you see a hot pink house? It is an eyesore isn’t it? A neighborhood that you would typically witness this in, is one that does not have an HOA that dictates your exterior home paint color. Don’t be THAT house, check around at all of the houses on your street and choose a color that compliments the rest.
  4. Forgetting about your landscaping – you cannot forget that your home reflects the colors that are in your yard as well. If you have a garden or flowers and trees out front, make sure that the color you pick compliments the plants in your yard. For the most part, neutral colors are the best, because they compliment all colors of plants and flowers you may want to plant later. Stick to beige, sandy colors, and colors of the like.
  5. You forgot to paint your front door – just like the rest of the exterior of your home, your front door is one of the first things that people see, so don’t forget to paint it as well. Painting your front door is a really inexpensive and cool way to update the exterior of your home, even if you do not want to paint the entire exterior.  When it comes to painting your front door – go bold!