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How to Throw Your Engagement Party At Home

If you are a newly engaged couple and have recently bought a home in Columbus, local moving companies have a suggestion…throw your engagement party in your new home!

Not only will you be able to host the first celebration of your life together, you can also check hosting a housewarming party off your list. If you decide to throw your engagement party in your new Columbus home, All My Sons has a few things for you to keep in mind when planning your party.

  1. New Traditions: Engagement parties used to be a celebration where the couple would announce their engagement; however, the world of social media has turned engagement announcements into engagement parties, since most couples do not hide their engagement from their social media accounts. Even if everyone already knows, it is still a great idea to get everyone together to celebrate the new chapter in you and your fiancé’s life.
  2. Stick to Family: When it comes to deciding who to invite to your engagement party, stick to immediate family and very close friends. Of course, everyone who you invite to your engagement party, should also be invited to your wedding. Make sure that the entire bridal party is invited to the engagement party as well.
  3. Gifts or No Gifts: When throwing your engagement party in your new home, you and your fiancé should decide whether or not you want to specify for your guests to bring gifts or not. If your engagement party is doubling as a housewarming party, you may want to have a little side note on the invitation that states that household-type gifts are greatly appreciated.  
  4. Keep it Simple: If you have recently moved to Columbus and want to throw your engagement party in your new home, create a small budget and stick to it. Buying a new home and moving can be a huge expense, and your wedding will be as well. Hosting your engagement party in your home can save you money from not having to rent a venue for an evening, and splurge on decorations and catering. If you will be hosting the party in the convenience of your own home, you can find budget-friendly decorations, DIY decoration projects, and ask friends and family members to help you cook or ask everyone to bring a dish, explained on your invitations.
Let All My Sons Help You Move

All My Sons of Columbus has been moving families for over twenty years! With four generations of movers, we can help you enjoy this new chapter in your life by offering the best moving experience…period! Do not let moving into a new home, stop you from being able to throw an engagement celebration. If you throw your engagement party at home you can save money, while your friends and family take a tour of your new home.