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Moving Tip: Downsize Your Belongings!

As you begin to pack for your move, you are probably going to be surprised by how much stuff you actually have. Considering you probably aren’t using all of these things that you had forgotten about, its time to do an honest inventory of what you should get rid of as you move on to your new home. Excess clutter is stressful, space-consuming, and when you’re moving, it can be expensive! This is why we want to encourage you to de-clutter and get rid of things that you don’t need as you prepare for your move to Columbus.

Go one room at a time. To think that you can de-clutter your home in one day is not only overwhelming, but it is asking for trouble. You’ll end up living in a house of divided piles and things out of place! Do one room at a time and do not even start on a new room until the current one is complete.

Divide into piles. Getting rid of things does not mean just throwing them away. You can either sell, donate, or discard items depending on their state. Items that are new with tags or are relatively unused can be sold for a slight profit if you have a few weeks to list the items and see if they sell. Consignment shops are an option for well-maintained vintage designer goods.  Donate items that are still in good condition to nearby shelters. And if things are damaged beyond repair? They belong in the trash.

Tackle notorious clutter spaces with a no-fuss attitude. Getting sentimental as you clear out areas will not only prolong the process, it will likely lead you to hang on to more things that you don’t even need, thus perpetuating the clutter cycle. Go in with a clear goal and play some upbeat music to help you stay focused on your mission.

Get your kids involved in the de-cluttering process. Kids are notorious for having an excess of toys and things, so going through their belongings and determining what stays and what goes can also serve as a time to teach your kids a lesson about sharing and about being grateful for having more than some other children might.

Good luck as you begin to tackle the clutter in your Columbus home, and remember, your efforts will be well worth it! Best of luck!