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DIY Valentine’s Day Décor

Decorating does not have to mean going out and buying a ton of stuff for your home. There are plenty of Do-It-Yourself projects that you can make from scratch, on a budget.  This Valentine’s Day, if you do not already have Valentine’s décor for your home, Dublin movers have some sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Décor options!

  1. Heart Dinnerware: Purchase some red and white ceramic plates and red and pink tissue paper. You can take the plates to a local pottery store and ask them to glaze and fire them with tissue paper hearts that you cut and pasted on them.
  2. Heart Garland: For less than $5 you can create your own Valentine’s Day garland by cutting 5x7 pieces of burlap, and finding a few patterned fabrics to cut into heart shapes. Use a hot glue gun to attach the heart shaped fabric pieces to the burlap pieces and wrap the top edge of the burlap over a string or very thin rope, hot gluing the burlap to stay shut. Complete directions can be found here.  
  3. Heart Wreaths: Heart wreaths can add a beautiful, loving touch to your home when hung on the front door, bathroom doors, and even over the backs of dining room chairs for an elegant Valentine’s dining experience. You can purchase flowers and make your own living wreath, or, for long-lasting wreaths, buy paper flowers and create your wreath arrangement.
  4. Heart Candles: Dim the lights and create an ambiance with DIY Valentine’s candle holders. Visit your local crafts store and purchase inexpensive glass jars, or even small glass cups that you can dip in glue or paint with glue and dip in red or pink (or a combination) glitter. You can even try your skills at painting hearts with glue so that the glitter only sticks in the shape of a heart. Another DIY Valentine’s candle idea: cut hearts using a fabric of your choice and paste them around glass jars. Simply place a red rose scented candle in the jar, light, and voila!
  5. Heart Shaped Soap: Add some love to your bathrooms by creating your own Valentine’s Day soap! Purchase some clear soap base, a fragrance oil, red soap colorant, a rubber heart shaped ice cube tray, a heart shaped cookie cutter, place rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, and follow this basic setup for Melt and Pour Soap Making.

Valentine’s Day can get expensive after buying your significant other a gift, going out to a nice restaurant, seeing a movie, or even creating a home-cooked meal. For less than roughly $30 you can create a beautifully decorated Valentine’s environment that will make you feel loved every day of February!