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Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

If you are moving to Columbus and have a tiny corner or alcove set away from the rest of the room that you have no idea how to decorate…transform the space into a reading nook!

Whether it is in a bedroom or in the living room, find a quiet corner that is away from the highly trafficked area of the room and turn it into a cozy reading nook. All My Sons of Columbus wants you to get the most out of your new home, so we have created 5 tips for creating a reading nook in your Columbus home.

1) Figure out seating. The most important aspect to any reading nook is comfortable seating. Window alcoves can easily been turned into the perfect seating space for reading nooks. If you have a window alcove, turn it into a bench-style seat and add lots of decorative pillows.  When determining seating for your reading nook, make sure it is not too cramped. 

2) Leave room for a table. Every reading nook needs a small table or stand where you can place books, magazines, or a drink in case you need to step away for a moment. This is where window alcoves also come in handy because your window sill should be big enough to place a drink or your reading glasses, etc.

3) Create ample lighting. Make sure that when you are choosing where you want your reading nook to be, that there is an electrical outlet nearby. You will need an outlet to plug in a lamp or a Kindle if that is what you use to read. Have some fun when choosing a lamp and opt for a decorative lamp.

4) Do not forget to decorate the walls. You should treat your reading nook as if it is its own room by adding pictures or art to the walls within it. However, make sure that you keep in mind that your reading nook is part of a larger room, so you will want the décor to match the entire room as well.

5) Make it comfortable. A reading nook should be a place of tranquility and relaxation in the home. Make it cozy by adding lots of cushion, pillows, soft blankets, and maybe even dimmer lights.

If you are moving to Columbus and your new home has a window alcove or a large enough family room, perfect for a reading nook, follow these helpful decorating tips from your local movers and maybe create mom a reading nook for Mother’s Day! If you are selling your home and you have a window alcove, turning it into a reading nook is an easy and affordable way to add appeal and value to your home.