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The Five Items That Can Clean Your House

With rows of products available at the store targeted to clean specific areas of your house, it can be confusing trying to figure out which products are worth adding to your arsenal. In the spirit of reducing clutter, cutting spending, and maximizing products, the Columbus movers have assembled a list of five must-own items that you need to entrust with your cleaning needs.

Baking soda:

The multipurpose powder does cleaning jobs such as, but not limited to:

Keeping flower bouquets fresh by mixing it into the water

Removing grease from cookie sheets

Combating musty smells in the linen closet and food odors in the refrigerator

Cure diaper rash by adding baking soda to baby bath water

Remove dirt and moisture from a mattress

Polish silver

Clean the toilet

Use as an anti-itch solution for bites, rashes, and poison ivy.

White vinegar:

Clean the kitchen sink drain with weekly white vinegar treatments

 Tie a bag of white vinegar around the shower head for one hour to remove grime and shower scum

Add 1 cup of it to dishwater and soak 20 minutes to enhance shine

Wash windows with an equal mixture of white vinegar and warm water

Ward off ants with a 50/50 white vinegar and water spray

Freshen laundry by adding it to the wash


Soak jewelry in an equal mixture of cold water and ammonia

Clean grease from stove burners

Clean white shoes of scuff marks and dirt by scrubbing ammonia

Clean carpets with an ammonia and hot water mixture

Shine crystal

Remove sweat stains from clothing

Clean hairbrushes by soaking in 1/4c ammonia mixed with 1 c water

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers:

Remove water rings from wood by dabbing with mayo and then wiping with an eraser

Remove adhesive residue left by stickers

Remove tea stains and coffee residue from mugs and teapots

Clean leather car seats, as well as the steering wheel and dashboard of your car

Remove crayons and fingerprints or smudges from the walls

Liquid Dish Detergent:

Kill weeds by pouring a solution of dish soap, white vinegar, and salt

Wash cloth diapers by mixing into hot water

Wash linoleum and ceramic

Make a homemade cleaning solution perfect for showers and tubs by combining white vinegar and dish soap