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Packing - Where to Start?

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Ohio

Packing is often the most dreaded part of the moving process. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Cincinnati, we know how overwhelming packing can seem. But, it’s easier than you’d think! With a little planning, your move can be an easy one. Our Cincinnati moving company is here to help. Check out these packing tips which will make your move to Cincinnati much easier.


Start with Unused Items

We suggest packing your most unused items first. This includes holiday decorations, winter wear, and sporting goods that won’t be used before moving day. To get to these items, you may need to dig into closets or even storage units to get everything packed. Working backwards in order of importance can help ensure that you pack everything properly without packing away those items you’ll need between now and moving day.


Save the Best for Last

Your most frequently used items, such as household goods and electronics, should be packed last. These should be the very last items you pack before your move to Cincinnati. Make sure to properly label all boxes so you know which contents are inside.


Call the Pros

The best way to start on packing for your upcoming move is to call the professionals. Expert movers understand how to properly pack and plan all aspects of your move. Our Cincinnati moving company can help with your packing process. We offer full-service moving solutions for residential, commercial, and corporate moves. Contact us today for your free, no obligation moving quote!