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Relieve Stress During a Move to Las Vegas

A Guide for a Stress-Free Move

Moving is not only physically exhausting, but it can also take a toll on your mental health. Even if you have moved countless times, there are still so many factors to consider for each relocation. To help reduce your stress while moving, our Las Vegas movers are sharing their tips to help you stay cool, calm and collected.


Plan Ahead

In order to have a handle on your moving situation, give yourself ample time to plan, preferably the moment you know you are going to move. Peak moving seasons are during the summer and winter winter months, usually when kids have a break from school. If you are planning to move during those seasons, give yourself a little more than 8 weeks to hire movers because they will book up fast.


Stay Organized

Relieve stress during a move to Las Vegas by writing down everything you have to complete and then checking them off as they are done. Keeping track of all the items you have packed and stored away can help you stay on top of things when moving. By maintaining a list, you can quickly reference it to see what you’ve already finished and everything that still needs to get done before moving day. Don’t lose track of the moving process.


Step Outside for Fresh Air

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed by the packing process or the utility companies on the phone, or any other third party involved in the move, you can relieve stress during a move by stepping outside for some fresh air. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and relax. The outdoors can refresh your mind and body. Take this time to take deep breaths and soak up the sunlight.


Adequate Sleep

In order to make the move less stressful, make sure you are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. It may be hard to even fall asleep with everything on your mind, but a healthy body starts with a well-rested mind.


Treat Yourself

Moving takes up a lot of our time that we often forget the most important part – taking care of ourselves. Treat yourself to a night out at the movies, or order in and enjoy some “cheat” day foods. Taking care of yourself can help reduce stress while moving in the long run.

Moving also affects children, especially when they notice their parents are stressed, although they react differently than adults. To help your child through this stressful time, indulge them with a special day. Some ideas include an ice cream outing or a day at the movies. Have a spa day and schedule manicures or go to an adventure park for some rock climbing or a ropes course. Remind them that everything will be alright once the whole moving process is finished.

Hire Professionals

At the end of the day, the best way to relieve stress during a move to Las Vegas is by allowing the professionals to do the work for you. The local Las Vegas movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are the pros when it comes to handling stress and providing a hassle-free move. For example, with our Las Vegas packing service (which is included in our full-service package), expert movers carefully pack and secure all your belongings with quality materials to make sure they arrive at the new house undamaged. Call our friendly moving consultants today at 702- 830-4746 to see how we can deliver a stress-free move and get a free estimate today.