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Moving with Young Children

The day of your move is almost here. You’re probably experiencing a lot of excitement, but also a lot of stress. Moving is considered the third most stressful life event following death and divorce. If you’re moving with young children, there’s a high possibility they’ll experience the stress of moving as well. As you’re shopping for a reliable moving company, hire our Las Vegas movers to take care of all your moving needs from packing and transporting to unloading and unpacking. Our relocation services will give you more free time to help your child cope with moving anxiety.

Before Moving Day

Planning a day of fun after your move to Las Vegas can help your child cope with moving anxiety by associating the move with positive experiences. Create a list of places your child would love to visit or activities they would enjoy, like a trip to the local ice cream shop or an amusement park. This should help them be more optimistic about moving to Las Vegas.

Give the little ones even more to look forward to by having them pick out decorations for their new room. Sit with them to pick out their favorite color for their new room from a paint booklet. Along with choosing a color, go online shopping with your little ones to find cool items to compliment the color of their new room. Select items like bean bag chairs, a lava lamp, rugs, or a cool throw pillow to help them get excited about moving into their new home.

During Moving Day

Once your moving day has finally arrived, help your child cope with moving anxiety by introducing them to our Las Vegas movers. Our friendly movers care about children and they can interact with your little ones to help them feel more comfortable as you’re moving throughout the day.

After introducing the kids to our trusted movers, designate an area for your children to spend time as our movers box up your belongings and pad the furniture as part of our Las Vegas packing services. Give the little ones a box or tote bag of their favorite things to occupy their attention. These possessions can include their favorite toys, picture books, coloring books, and even a mobile tablet to watch their favorite movies or TV shows.

After Moving Day

As soon as our Nevada movers get you settled into your new home, take the children out for the day of fun you planned with them earlier. Take them to popular local playgrounds, pizza parlors, or children’s museums, so they become familiar with their new town. After taking the kids out for an exciting day of fun activities, bring them along with you to meet the new neighbors. Help them become acquainted with the residents of their new neighborhood, and who knows, they may meet other children they can become friends with.

Move to Las Vegas with All My Sons

When looking for professional movers to help you move to Las Vegas, make our Nevada movers your first-choice in relocation services. We handle local and long-distance movers for families as well as commercial movers for your business to take the stress off your shoulders. That way, you can help your child cope with moving anxiety and take care of other important details for the move. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote.