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Moving to Las Vegas in the Rain

With your upcoming DIY move to Las Vegas just days away, you’re busy organizing everything to make sure all goes according to plan. You’re wrapping up last-minute tasks such as closing on the new home, changing your address with the local post office, scheduling a Wi-Fi installation, and so on. After wrapping up these tasks, you check the weather just to make sure it will be a nice day, but guess what? The weather forecast actually shows it’ll be raining cats and dogs, giving you a sinking feeling in your stomach. Don’t worry, though! Our Las Vegas movers discuss ways to make it easier if you’re moving in the rain.


Go for Plastic

Normally, our Nevada movers wouldn’t recommend buying too much plastic for the sake of the environment, but for the sake of bad weather, use plastic bins to move. Cardboard boxes are quick to turn soggy and unstable when wet, putting the content inside at high risk of damage. On the other hand, plastic bins are airtight, keeping your valuables inside safe and dry. A bonus to using plastic bins is that they can be reused as storage in your new home.


If finding plastic bins or other waterproof moving boxes is too time-consuming, you can always choose our Las Vegas packing services as an alternative. With bad weather in mind, our Las Vegas movers will securely pack your belongings using quality, waterproof packing material.


Minimize Loading Path

There’s nothing worse than slipping and sliding across the floor as you’re moving out, therefore, move all packed items to the front doorway. This can prevent you from tracking water and dirt around the house, which can lead to slips and falls. If you have a garage, move your packed items there so you’ll have much less to clean up once you are completely moved out.


Loading the Moving Truck

At first, the thought of loading the truck while moving in the rain seems discouraging, but if done right, it can be a piece of cake. Start by setting up a cover over the entryway to the back of the truck to reduce moisture accumulation on your belongings. Then, lay down cardboard along the path to reduce your chances of slipping.


Rainy Day Moving Experts

If you’re not able to move in the rain for whatever reason, make sure to contact our Las Vegas movers first. We provide exceptional customer care and relocation services to ensure you’ll be moved into your new home on-schedule and hassle-free. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.