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Go Green While Moving

You don’t have to be an environmental conservationist to have an eco-friendly move.

Tree-huggers get a bad name. Going green is easier and more important to the planet than you may think. This is true especially while moving; all it takes is a few tweaks to turn a normal move into an eco-friendly move.

Your Nevada movers are passionate about treating the environment with care and encourage you to do so during your move to Las Vegas.


Go green and take as few trips as possible when moving your belongings to your new home. Do this by cutting back on what you own. Any unnecessary items consider donating to your local donation bank like the Vietnam Veterans. They will pick up your belongings right at your front door, saving you time and space during your eco-friendly move. Don’t even think about getting rid of things just to throw them away—give them to those in need. Help your environment and your community all at once. You can do this with unused, unexpired food goods, as well, such as canned vegetables or bags of rice. Deliver them to your local church or food pantry to be donated to local families in need.

By reducing the contents of your move to Las Vegas, less trips will be taken with your moving truck, and less harmful fuel will be released into the atmosphere, as well. Not to mention, the move will be much easier and less stressful for yourself with less stuff to transport and unpack.


Don’t let a single box go to waste. Don’t buy one, either. Instead, search your house for anything that could be used as a container. These can be small plastic bins or large wooden dressers. If it can store stuff, then use it. Go green and reuse what you have, while also collecting old boxes throughout the year. You know that box that held those bags of chips? It might be perfect for storing lighter objects and small belongings.

Reuse items as packing materials, also. Use your towels, blankets, and even loose clothing to be used as protective padding for your fragile goods. Don’t waste money and sacrifice your eco-friendly move by purchasing bubble-wrap. Such things take a toll on the environment over time.


Old batteries, used papers, dated magazines—don’t throw these things away before your move to Las Vegas. Your Nevada movers recommend recycling anything and everything you plan to throw away. In most cases, such objects can be reused for something else. Follow the most common rule to go green and recycle.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Sound familiar? Remember these three methods to an eco-friendly move when contacting your All My Sons Nevada movers to get the process started. After all, taking care of your earth now will benefit your new home in the future.