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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most famous cities in the United States. World-renowned as a must-visit tourist destination, Sin City has much to offer visitors and residents alike. When one begins planning their move to Las Vegas, it is easy to imagine that Las Vegas is all nightlife, casinos, and gambling. However, since Las Vegas is such a large and diverse city, plenty of neighborhoods offer exactly what each prospective resident of Las Vegas is looking for. If you are looking for Las Vegas moving help or are moving to Las Vegas soon, you can rest assured that living in Las Vegas could be a fulfilling experience for everyone. Below, All My Sons Moving & Storage details the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas. 

What Are the Best Residential Neighborhoods in Las Vegas? 

With so many things to do in Las Vegas that involve nightlife, settling down in a residential neighborhood might not seem like the most logical thing to do. However, Las Vegas, Nevada, has plenty of residential neighborhoods to choose from. Below are the top two neighborhoods that All My Sons Moving & Storage recommends. 


Henderson is one of the most popular Las Vegas suburbs. Henderson is located in the Southeastern section of Vegas. People who have an affinity for nature will be happy to learn that it is located near two national parks in Sloan Canyon and Lake Mead. This makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas for families who want a quick getaway near the water. Also, this Las Vegas neighborhood boasts many different schools and housing options for families that have children of all ages. Henderson is definitely on the quieter side, so young people who aren’t yet ready to start their family may want to look elsewhere. 

Downton Las Vegas 

While it may be conflated with The Strip, Downtown Las Vegas is its own neighborhood. All My Sons Moving & Storage Las Vegas notes that Downtown is perfect for people that want a more walkable area of the city. Thanks to its revamped buildings and roads that blend historical properties with modern touches, Downtown has a more hipster vibe than other neighborhoods, which is reflected in its coffee shops and restaurants. 

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