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Best Apps to Help You Move

Now that you’ve decided to move to “Sin City,” it’s time to start preparing for the big move. Preparations may include booking Nevada movers to ensure you move in on-schedule and stress-free, finalizing closing procedures, updating your address with different places of importance, and so on. But have you stopped to think how certain mobile apps can help simplify the whole relocation process? Not to worry, our Las Vegas movers are here to recommend some of the best apps to help you move in 2019.


If you still haven’t yet found your new home in Las Vegas, use Zillow [1] to make house-hunting easier. Based in Seattle, this real estate company lets users browse rental and house listings from all over the country, making it the perfect addition to your moving checklist. Zillow also provides resources for renters and homebuyers along with updated information on current mortgage rates. A bonus to using this app is the real-time walkthrough of your prospective home’s neighborhood, giving you the overall feel of the area. 


Once you’ve settled on your dream home in Las Vegas, virtually arrange your furniture in advance with Magicplan. [2] As one of the best apps to help you move in 2019, Magicplan allows users to record the dimensions with the app open to recreate the floor plan in augmented reality so you can visualize the spaces furnished. Besides floor plan creation, Magicplan also offers features like 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying. 


No one looks forward to packing before a move, so make things easier on yourself by installing the app Sortly.[3] With this app, you can categorize items on your moving checklist by room, as well as create labels for boxes.

If you’re still unable to pack your belongings properly, feel free to hire our Las Vegas packing services. Our Las Vegas movers are specially trained in packing various types of items securely to ensure they arrive at the new home damage-free. Therefore, you won’t have to dread the tedious task of packing and take care of other pressing relocation matters.

Facebook Marketplace

Don’t move to Las Vegas with unnecessary junk weighing you down. Lighten your load for the move while putting money back in your pocket by using Facebook Marketplace. On this platform, users list various types of items such as clothing, decor, kitchenware, and even vehicles for sell. So, feel free to list as many miscellaneous items in your inventory that you won’t need in Las Vegas.

Moving with the Best in Town

When shopping around for reliable movers to help you settle into your new home in Las Vegas, contact our Nevada movers first. We provide a variety of relocation services along with customer care to ensure our customers get the best moving experience possible. Don’t delay, call 775-332-2979 for your free, no-obligation quote today. Happy moving!



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