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Moving Checklist

Is There A Checklist For Moving? Yes!

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a Full-Service Moving and Packing Company.

It’s never easy moving into a new house, but staying organized every step of the way can keep you from feeling overwhelmed.
The best thing you can do is avoid procrastinating, and this moving checklist from All My Sons Moving & Storage will help keep you on schedule and on budget!
Our checklist for moving into a new home provides the framework for the important things you need to do several weeks before your move. The moving and packing checklist also includes handy links to important resources! When you are ready to put this moving checklist into motion, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage for your free, no-obligation quote today!

What Are The First Things to Do When Moving?

Moving boxes from All My Sons Moving & Storage

  Research and get quotes from moving companies

Every moving company is different, and each one offers different moving and packing services than the next. By contacting full-service movers, you can be sure you get custom quotes for your unique situation.

  Hire moving company, place refundable deposit

Once you choose a team to handle your move to a new house, you will be asked to place a deposit to hold your place on their calendar. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a moving company that will allow you to change your move date for free with appropriate notice, as long as there is space available. You can also receive a full refund of your deposit if you need to cancel your move with reasonable notice.

  Gather packing supplies (boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers)

Many people underestimate the amount of supplies they will need to properly pack their items, and need to run back and forth to a store to get more. All My Sons Moving & Storage can provide all of the packing supplies you need, or you can select an entirely full-service moving experience, so you don't have to buy a thing!

  Begin packing items not used daily (or select full-service packers)

If you are doing some or all of the packing yourself, you will want to get started with items that you do not use daily or even weekly. It could be a good time to pack your dishes and use disposable ones for a short time. Also, pack up all of your clothing that is not in season. For clothes that you keep in dressers, there's no need to pack them separately as All My Sons Moving & Storage will move your dressers with the clothing still inside.

  Gather and donate unwanted items  Habitat for Humanity Goodwill Salvation Army

Donations are an excellent way to help those less fortunate while giving you a few less things to move. Don't forget to ask for a receipt, as most donated items can qualify for an income tax deduction.

Get The Family Involved

  Research/enroll children in new school

  Discuss move with children

  Delegate tasks to family members

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Notify People and Agencies

  United States Postal Service - Official Change-of-Address Form

  Department of Motor Vehicles






  Bank and Credit Cards

  Insurance Providers




  Medical Providers

    Primary Care Doctor




  Subscription Services

  Online Shopping Sites


  Current Landlord

  Friends and Family

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What Should I Get Rid of When Moving?

  Consider a garage sale

Moving to a new home is the ideal time to downsize some of your possessions and make room for new things. And since one person's trash is often another's treasure, a garage sale can help you match the items you no longer want with someone who does... and make some money at the same time. Garage sales are easy to pull off too! Put a few signs around your neighborhood, post something on your community's social media pages, and watch the customers arrive. The best times to have a garage sale are Saturday and Sunday mornings. While making the most money you can is nice, remember that you are also trying to downsize the hassle of hauling unwanted items away. So prepare to accept low offers for most of your items... some money is better than none!

  Sell gently-used items  Facebook Marketplace OfferUp eBay

Besides having a garage sale, there are many ways to sell some items online. This works best for things that you can ship easily and at a low price, Since nobody will want to pay more for shipping than it would cost to buy what you are selling.

  Dispose household chemicals

  Plan to consume or dispose perishable food (save a few snacks for moving day)

  Remove items from walls

  Pack clothes not in season

Movers and Packers

Big Things To Do Before Moving

  Pack and label every box with destination in new home

If you're looking for a way to let the kids help with moving, this is a great thing! When each box is packed, grab a magic marker and write on every side of each box which room it should go in at your new home. This will help your moving company place them in the proper places, so you don't have to do any extra moving!

  Consider adding additional packing services

Remember, if you don't want to pack boxes yourself, a full-service moving company such as All My Sons Moving & Storage can do any or all of the packing for you. Just speak with one of our moving specialists to go over what you'd like packed, and if there's anything you'd prefer to do yourself, and we will take care of it!

  Pack suitcase with 5 to 7 days worth of clothes and essentials

This is a big step in the moving process that is often overlooked. When you get to your new home, you may not be ready to unpack all of your clothes, and you certainly don't want to go searching through boxes just for a toothbrush. Packing a suitcase, just as if you were going on vacation, will save a lot of trouble as you are getting settled. Also, sometimes unexpected things happen on the way to your new home, and not everything may arrive when you'd like it to. Keeping a suitcase full of clothes and essentials will make sure you aren't left empty-handed in case something goes off course.

Moving Truck Serving Home Movers

Tie Up Loose Ends

  Return library books

You'd be surprised how often people forget to return their library books! Don't risk moving to a new community, then getting stuck with fines or other penalties. Be sure to thank your friendly librarians on your way out of town!

  Make moving day arrangements for pets

We know your pets have to move with you too, but moving day is never an easy one for them. You'll want to make plans to have a family member or friend to take care of your pets on moving day. This way they won't risk getting in the way of your moving team, and it's one less thing for you to worry about as your move is happening.

  Withdraw cash for tips for movers

Moving is a hard job, and your moving professionals will make sure that no matter how difficult the conditions are on your moving day, they will get the job done with the care and efficiency you deserve. The best way to reward them for a successful move is with a cash tip at the end of the day. There's no one-size-fits-all tipping recommendation, but it's best to have at least $20 in cash per mover on hand to show your appreciation. If you decide you want to tip more for a large job, it will not go unnoticed! Just like many other employees in the service industry, movers typically depend on tips for a substantial portion of their income, so don't leave them empty-handed!

  Arrange hotel(s) in origin/destination if needed

Sometimes moving out and moving in does not happen on the same day. Even if it does, a lot of families find they may not want to stay in their home once everything (including their beds and bedding) are packed up. Booking an inexpensive hotel for the day before moving, and booking one for the day of your move, can guarantee you have a comfortable (and furnished) place to return to in case things are not ready to go at your new home on day one.

  Find new homes for live plants

Most moving companies are not able to move live plants, for a number of reasons. If you are unable to move your plants yourself, ask your neighbors or friends if they would like to give them a new home!

Successful Residential Move from All My Sons Moving & Storage

What Do I Do On Moving Day?

  Take inventory of boxes and items

While your moving company will provide you with a full list of each item that is packed on the truck, it's never a bad idea to keep a list of your own. Not only will this help when you reach your new home, it will also give you peace of mind that everything is accounted for as you remember it!

  Have snacks and water on hand

Sometimes the moving process happens so fast, you won't have time in between to eat a full meal. Keeping a bag of food and drinks handy will help make sure you don't run out of energy. It's also a great idea to offer a few things to your moving team!

  Final walkthrough of house

After your movers load up everything and your old home is empty, have everyone do a separate walkthrough just to make sure nothing is left behind!

  Make time to relax and enjoy your new home!

Congratulations on a successful move! While it may be tempting to get right to unpacking everything, make sure to stop and savor everything you have accomplished. Moving to a new home is a major moment in everyone's life! Don't forget to thank and tip your moving team that helped make it happen.


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