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How to Give Your Landlord Proper Notice

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For whatever circumstance, you are facing, there will come a time when you will want to move out of your current apartment. Maybe you have found something less expensive, maybe you are moving in with a significant other, or maybe you are taking the leap and moving to another state. Regardless – there is a proper way to approach this situation that will leave you in good graces with your landlord.

Before you call your Pittsburgh moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage, follow this guide on how to give your landlord proper notice.

You must provide your landlord or renter with a notice of “intent to vacate”. A Notice of Intent to Vacate is a form used by a tenant when the tenant has entered a fixed term lease with the landlord, and the tenant has opted to leave the premises when the term of the lease ends.

Know Your Lease Terms

In order to give your landlord proper notice of your move-out date, check the copy of your apartment lease, it is your most reliable source in this situation. This will contain the terms of your lease that you previously agreed to, and information on leaving before your term ends. Consider the specified terms of a notice period, deposit return, how damages and cleaning fees will be handled. If these factors are not specified in your lease agreement, your landlord should answer them for you.

If your lease is on an automatic renewal, make sure you give your landlord at least 30 days written notice that you will be leaving. Your Pittsburgh moving company suggests checking local and state laws on the amount of time required for notice when moving out.

If your lease is not up, you might have to break it. Discuss this with your landlord, and read about your rights as a renter.

Have A Discussion

Politely give your landlord a heads-up on your intent to move. This is beneficial for the landlord as well, so they can begin the process of finding a new tenant. Also, use this opportunity to address any questions you may have about your rental.

Put It In Writing

There are many legal issues that can arise when a tenant tries to move out of an apartment. To protect your interests, the Pittsburgh moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage recommends putting your notice to vacate in writing. This keeps a record that you disclosed this information to your landlord with a fair amount of time. Some states require that you hand deliver this letter, others require you send it through certified mail.

In your letter, your name, your address, the date, your landlord's name and address, the number of days you will provide until you move out of the apartment, based on your lease agreement, a brief explanation of why you are leaving, and request for advisement of when the security deposit will be returned, and which amount will be returned. End the letter with your contact information.

Follow these steps to ensure you know how to give your landlord proper notice before moving out. Then call your Pittsburgh moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage of Pittsburgh to get your move started. 

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