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The Significance of the Cardinal in St. Louis

If you’re a big sports fan, you know all about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. But you may not be familiar with the significance of the cardinal. If you’re moving to St. Louis, take this opportunity to impress the locals with your knowledge of St. Louis history. Our St. Louis residential movers are giving you the inside scoop on the significance of the cardinal.


History of the St. Louis Cardinals

To understand the meaning of the cardinal, one must take a look at the history of the St. Louis Cardinals. The team was not always named the Cardinals; in fact, the famous baseball team used to be known as the Brown Stockings. The players wore the white uniform with red trim and sock striping. These small details led to the name change and the Cardinals. In 1900, Willie McHale, a sportswriter for the St. Louis Republic, overheard a fan say “What a lovely shade of cardinal red.” McHale wrote about this quote in his column and the fans loved it. The name grew and popularity and the team was renamed by the next season.

The Cardinal Logo

Although the name change happened swiftly, the bird logo came later. The initial logo was the interlocking STL. Players dawned this logo on their uniforms, equipment, and merchandise. The Brown Stockings became the Cardinals, but the logo remained the same. The Cardinals were not associated with the bird until the 1920s. In 1922, the St. Louis Cardinals revealed their new logo with two cardinal birds perched on a baseball bat. This logo has evolved over the years; however, the general idea remained the same.

Significance of the Cardinal

If you’re wondering if cardinal birds can be found in St. Louis, the answer is yes. Our St. Louis commercial movers recommend learning about what a cardinal represents to understand the spirit St. Louis locals have for their team and mascot. As the St. Louis Cardinals logo suggests, the male cardinal is a beautiful red with a black mask. While the birds are great singers, our  Maryland Heights movers cannot confirm the singing voices of the players. Outside of baseball, the cardinal is said to be a sign of good luck and hope. Whether you’re talking about the baseball team or bird, you can’t go wrong with a cardinal sighting.

The significance of the cardinal has brought the St. Louis community together for decades. If you want to move to St. Louis, our St. Louis local movers are here to help you every step of the way. With over twenty years of experience, our professionals are equipped to deliver excellent customer care and quality moves. We have you covered with moving and packing services. Call us for a free moving quote today!



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