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Saying Goodbye to Your Job Before a Move

Have you just found out you have landed your dream position in a new location and now have to say goodbye to your current employer? It is never easy putting in your two weeks’ notice, especially when it means saying goodbye to a company that became more like family than coworkers. Our St. Louis movers can help you with saying goodbye to your old job before your move.  


How to Say Goodbye to Your Old Job  

Our St. Louis Residential movers know that getting ready for a move to a new city or state means notifying a lot of people of your departure. One of the most important people you need to notify about your move is your employer, especially if they are not the one moving you. When saying goodbye to your employer, it is important to make sure that you are leaving on good terms. We have created these guidelines for saying goodbye to your employer, to make the process simpler for you.


Know Who to Talk to First
Though the news of moving is exciting to you, it may not be so exciting to your employer or coworkers. When saying goodbye to your employer, make sure that you talk to people in the right order. You should first deliver the news to your immediate manager. This is a sign of courtesy to your boss, as they will need to begin the preparation and interview process of finding your replacement. The earlier you can let your boss know about your move, the better, so that they have enough time to prepare. This will also help to keep a good and professional relationship with your boss, even after leaving.


Know When to Give Notice
Once you have secured a new position and a place to live in your new hometown, it is time to start writing your notice of resignation. The formal practice of leaving a job is to write two weeks of notice and present it to your boss. When saying goodbye to your employer, these notices are crucial for planning out interviews and making sure that your current tasks are completed on time. If you are a major asset to your employer, then you may want to consider giving more than two weeks notice.


Know How to Say Goodbye the Right Way
Once you have talked with your boss and presented your two weeks notice, you can start letting other members of the staff know about your move. 
St. Louis local movers know that saying goodbye to your employer also includes saying goodbye to coworkers who became friends. It is important to keep any relationships you may have established when working at your current job because they may still be valuable down the road. Be sure to keep these relationships and friendships healthy while you are gone. 


Make Sure You Hire the Right People for Your Move

After saying goodbye to your employer, make sure that you begin planning your move. Part of making sure your move goes smoothly is having the proper team of professionals to help. All My Sons Moving & Storage has over 20 years of moving experience and can make your move the easiest yet! Contact us today to schedule your St. Louis move.