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Small Improvements to Increase a Home’s Value

When selling or purchasing a home, we are always thinking of ways to improve our home in order to raise its market value. A home is a place in which we seek comfort ability, have shelter, and spend time with loved ones. However, a home can also be a smart return on investment. So if you want to expand your wealth through your home, consider making a few improvements to increase your home’s value.

It is important to keep in mind that home upkeep and maintenance is crucial. Making sure that your home remains in near perfect conditions during the time you reside in it, is half the work. Be sure to always keep a clean home and keep track of all the necessary upkeeps.

The next step is coming up with home improvement options. All My Sons Moving Company of St. Louis suggests the following methods in order to increase the value of your home without taking a huge hit on your wallet.

Quick Fixes

Used homes normally have a long overdue project or projects that previous homeowners have pushed aside or were trying to avoid. However, this is the exact reason why you should tackle them before they get out of hand. Small projects include: squeaky hinges, leaky faucets, scrubbing toilets, regularly cleaning drains, ceiling fan dusting, and other simple, yet tedious issues.

Focus on the Kitchen

Make your kitchen top priority. When looking for a home, USA Today says that 60% of buyers are willing to pay more for several features; one being a new kitchen equipped with new appliances. Since the kitchen is the area that you and your family will enjoy endless meals, play games, cook, study, host guests, etc., it is no surprise that the kitchen is a focal point for buyers. However, the continuous use of a kitchen is what can also lead to poor upkeep, essentially bringing your home value down.

Some kitchen improvements that can be made are: hardware replacements on cabinets, a fresh coat of paint to walls and cabinets, or splurge on completely new cabinets and new appliances. Quick accessories such as: sliding cabinet shelving, pot and pan hangers, or plate racks can also add a stylish touch that buyers will appreciate. Small touch ups here and there can drastically change the look of a kitchen while keeping you on a low budget. However, replacing outdated cabinets and appliances may seem like a splurge, but you are more likely to make that money back when selling.

Increase Curb Appeal

Increasing the exterior appeal of your home can be as simple as doing some minor lawn care. This can include removing weeds, mowing the lawn, and making sure shrubs and bushes are maintained. While yard upkeep seems like an obvious home chore, it also makes a huge impact to your home’s appearance and value. People often judge a book by its cover, so make a great first impression by touching up your front lawn! Potential buyers can shy away from even walking inside a home that has a unkempt yard, and they also want a home that gives off an inviting curb-appeal in order to make a good impression on their friends and family.

Improve home lighting

Updating old and worn light fixtures can make a huge difference. Even if your home is in tip-top shape, inadequate light fixtures can put a damper on the overall appeal and ambiance. Renovating or repurposing light fixtures can also be done without the help of a professional, which can help save you money while increasing your home value.

Making these small renovations to your home will not only increase its value, but these updates also make a home more appealing to live comfortably in. Whether you are trying to increase the market value of your home or not, do yourself a favor and get started on improving your home!