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10 DIY Home Projects

Stuck inside due to the winter cold? Moving and looking for an inexpensive way to update your new home? Have no fear, regardless of whether or not you are looking to prevent cabin fever or are just feeling crafty, these inexpensive home projects will give your home a whole new feel!  

  1. Organize Your Drawers. If you have a “junk drawer” in your home then this project has your name all over it. Use clear containers to separate crafts, school supplies, and any other miscellaneous items. You can even use it to organize toiletry and clothing drawers.
  2. Make a Headboard. Think that you can’t afford a headboard for your bed? Think again! Use a piece of thick plywood or a hollow-core door to paint or cover in fabric and attach to the wall. If you really want to get creative, use old skis or skateboards as your new headboard or create a collage by adding magazine or family photos. Voila!
  3. Spice Up Your Windows. Tired of the same old window treatments and need something to liven up your daily view? Invest in a minimal-sew window treatment from a craft store to update your home in no time at all.
  4. Paint. Add a bright hue to any interior door for a pop of color to bring life into any room. Painting an interior door such as the entry to a butler’s pantry, a closet door, or even a bathroom door is a great way to incorporate an accent color. Not only that, you can also add a pop of color inside your home by painting stair risers. It is a surefire way to immediately prevent your stairs from looking bland and boring!
  5. Use a Wall Decal. Adding a wall decal is a fantastic way to completely change a room without making any drastic changes. A completely no-mess project, buy a wall decal from any craft store and put it up in your kids’ room, living room, or bed room.
  6. Turn a Closet into a Home Office. Unhinge a door and switch out your hanging rods for shelves. Use a deep shelf for a desktop and add various shallow shelves for storage and other desk knick knacks.
  7. Decorate Your Air Conditioner. Disguise your wall air conditioner inside a kitchen cabinet that you can close when not using it. For an extra touch, paint the cabinet the same color as the walls so it will blend in and make your apartment look clutter-free.
  8. Create a New Jewelry Hanger. Take a piece of wood and screw vintage furniture door knobs to use as an adorable trendy jewelry hanger.
  9. Make a Corkboard. Don’t know what to do with all those old wine corks? Glue them into a picture frame to make a cork board and use it to hang up all your photos and to-do lists.
  10. Add Shelves. A great way to add some interest to a plain wall with nothing to look at, is to add hanging shelves. You can stagger or align them and easily switch out the objects on the shelves to keep the room looking updated and fresh.