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Depersonalize Your Home to Appeal to Buyers

Selling your home is a big step and a complex process, which is why you need to know insider tips into what buyers like, what turns them off, and what to expect in the showing and selling process. The St. Louis movers have worked extensively with families and individuals moving to and from houses, so we thought we would share some of our experiences to help you understand the moving process. The first focus of selling your home that we will cover is how to depersonalize your home without looking barren or too plain.

What is important is that you begin to visualize your home less as yours and as what it is—a house.  A house that someone else could move into if they like it enough. Try and remove items from the house that are less décor oriented and more family focused. Portraits, drawings on the refrigerator, things that you value that maybe no one else seems to get. Go ahead and pack these items away so that when the time comes to move, you’ve got some of the packing taken care of.

Buyers tend to have a specific taste, and whether it’s modern, traditional, urban or shabby chic, they are drawn to it. Try to have your home furnished just enough to be lived in, but not overly so. Leave most walls blank, try to steer from printed fabrics and pillows. You want to show the building blocks of a home that could be theirs, with the things the love easily added and things they don’t easily removed.

Embrace the neutral. Paint walls back to an off-white or white color and take down anything overwhelming or exceedingly eye catching that might subconsciously turn off a buyer. Leaving the walls, and home in general, as an open canvas is an ideal way to get potential buyers to see the best in it.

Bedrooms may be harder to depersonalize, but it can certainly be done. Swap out leopard print bedding for a sleek white duvet and change out bold prints for mirrors and other easy pieces that won’t be overwhelming to people coming to view your home.

The trick to depersonalizing is that someone should not feel like they are intruding on your space. Using the right styling, your home can appeal to anyone and everyone on some level.  Keep that in mind as you add and take away from your house, and remember that you shouldn’t take it to heart if you have to remove something that you love.  If you are having trouble, consider hiring an expert home stager to help you stage your home to sell.