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Nifty Apps to Help You Move to St. Louis

Whether it’s job-related or due to family matters, it’s time to get ready to move to St. Louis. There’s a lot you must take care for the move to go by smoothly. This may include contacting Missouri movers to help you settle into your new house, signing onboarding documents from your new employer, registering the kids at a new school, shopping for new furniture – the list goes on. With so much on your plate, you may be wondering how you can streamline everything to be less stressful. Our St. Louis movers are here to help by listing nifty apps to help you move to St. Louis.



If you’re still struggling to find a place to live in St. Louis, install Zillow [1] for some help. Users can sort through thousands of rental and “for sale” listings in your preferred area as well as provide resources for house hunters like current mortgage prices. A bonus to using Zillow is the real-time view of the neighborhood in which you’d like to reside so you get an  idea what it is like.



Start arranging your furniture in the new home with Magicplan. [2] As you’re walking around with the app open, it records the dimensions of the home to create a version of the floorplan in augmented reality you can can virtually try different layouts until you find one you prefer without exhausting your movers or your family moving furniture around. In addition to floorplan construction, the app includes 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying, making it one of the nifty apps to help you move to St. Louis.



No one thinks packing before a move to St. Louis is fun, and we’re sure you don’t either. So, make things easier on yourself by installing Sortly. [3] The app creates labels for packing boxes and lets you sort items by room so the whole packing process is more organized. No more rummaging through countless boxes just to find a drinking glass.

If you don’t have enough time to pack, our St. Louis packing services always make a great alternative. Our Missouri movers have the knowledge and skill to pack every item and furniture securely to ensure it won’t get damaged during the move.


Uber Eats

With your kitchenware packed away and your car being safely shipped by our St. Louis auto movers, there’s no way to prepare a meal for the family or drive to your favorite restaurant. Add Uber Eats to your moving checklist to order freshly prepared food from any restaurant in the vicinity. After you’ve ordered food, depending on the distance, your meal will be quickly delivered to your door for the whole family to dig in. Don’t forget to tip!


Moving with the Experts in Relocation

When you are in need of professional movers to help you settle into your new home, contact the professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our moving company offers a selection of relocation packages to meet all your moving needs. Don’t wait, call 636-328-0545 to get started on your move to St. Louis!




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