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The Best Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

There is no set formula for determining what makes a neighborhood so great, but word of mouth can go a long way in determining where the best neighborhoods are. Typically, you can hear the buzz around town about certain areas that are bustling and boasting the newest scenes, shopping, eateries, as well as events and activities for singles and families. All My Sons Moving & Storage Minneapolis has listened to the masses, and the following neighborhoods are the best neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, hands down.

1. Cathedral Hill – Cathedral Hill is the best neighborhood in the Twin Cities for singles and millennials. Cathedral Hill can be described as Victorian, yet classy and trendy. As modern as this Victorian building is, it is still one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

2. Northeast – Northeast is for the free people who are moving to Minneapolis. Called “a hipster’s ground zero” in the Minnesota Monthly, Northeast has a neighborhood character that features coffee shops, many bicyclists, taprooms, and galleries. Northeast is perfect for artists and young families who are looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood, as it has been the recent center for entrepreneurs and creativity in the Twin Cities.

3. Downtown Wayzata – Downtown Wayzata has a style that is more like what you would expect to find next to a beautiful lake. Porches, lots of outdoor space, charm, and that small town feel. Downtown Wayzata is the number one recommended neighborhood by Minneapolis movers for small families who are looking for a quaint neighborhood in Minnesota.

4. Uptown – Uptown is for the newer generations and singles. Constantly bustling with new restaurants, things to do, and great bar scenes, Uptown is not typically a family hangout, so millennials enjoy the fresh, modern culture and ever-changing atmosphere.

5. Nicollet Avenue – Nicollet Avenue used to be a prime shopping district and has numerous international cuisines. Known as a foodie haven, Nicollet Avenue flourishes with many millennials as well as a middle-aged crowd. In fact, the average resident of Nicollet Avenue is around the age of 35. With homes under $300,000, it is great for families as well.

6. Lowertown – Parks, parks, and more parks. Lowertown is the best neighborhood in the Twin Cities for those who enjoy greenery and daily strolls in the park.  Today, Lowertown is known to be up-and-coming with many renovation projects planned for the area.

7. North Loop – Also known as the Warehouse District, North Loop used to be, as you can guess, a hub for industrial companies. North Loop is now home to some of the trendiest nightclubs and venues in all of Minneapolis, and is perfect for anyone who is moving to Minneapolis, working downtown, and who would like to be able to walk to work.