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A Playroom for the Kids

You have finally moved into a bigger house. Maybe now you have that office you have been wanting, or maybe each of your children have their own room now. Or perhaps, you have a spare room or space you are not quite sure what to do with. If you ask your Minneapolis moving and storage specialists, you should turn that extra space into a play area for your children. This way, all of their toys will be stowed away in a particular area instead of being strewn throughout the house. Like this idea? Here are some tips and tricks to turn your idea into a reality!

First thing’s first: you need a plan. Decide what color scheme you are going to use for the playroom. Neutral colors work best, then you can add bold pops of color that your kids will love; with wall art, rugs, curtains and other decorations. You may even want to paint some type of mural on one of the walls. If you do want to create a mural, sceneries like outer space, the jungle, and circus images are all popular with kids. You can even paint one wall with chalkboard paint for some added fun.

After your theme is chosen, you will want to decide on a storage system to keep toys organized, stuffed animals in place, and books accessible for you and out of reach of younger children who may rip them. Cloth bins work really well, and craft and container stores sell them in a variety of colors and sizes. Get larger ones for stuffed animals and smaller ones for action figures, Legos and books.  If you have an extra shelving table to keep these storage bins on, great! If not, you can buy one or buy shelves to hang low on the wall so that your kids have easy access.

Next, think of seating. A small table and chairs will be great so that your kids can do puzzles or build castles. If you have a little girl, a tea set and table is also a great choice. Toy stores sell beanbag chairs for little ones too, for a comfy place to lounge. If the area has a windowsill, adding some cushions for a cozy place to read is perfect. You may also want to add a couch for yourself, so you can relax while you are watching your kids have a blast.

Now for the decorations! Once the walls are painted, add some art. It is a really cute idea to frame some of your children’s artwork. This will make them proud and will really make the room their own. You can also decorate the walls with decals that go with your motif. Even a wallpaper strip around the room, featuring some of their favorite characters, will warm up the room a bit. Add some fun curtains that are bright and inviting as well. For the floors, you can find plenty of fun rugs for the kids. One with hopscotch or a racetrack will really get their imaginations going.

After you have all of the decorations and storage bins, you will just need to organize their toys. This should be easy enough, as long as you make sure the toys they play with most frequently are easily accessible.

Moving into a roomier home offers so many possibilities. If you have the space, giving your children a playroom to learn and grow together in, is such a great gift, and it will benefit you as well. You will have lots of fun decorating it, and they will have so much fun using it!